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Rival Week

beatthemet.jpgThus begins quite a week for Yankee fans. Subway Series this weekend and the Red Sox during the week. Will the House that Ruth Built still be left standing at the end of these two series?

Iíve explained the difference between the Yankee/Met rivalry and the Yankee/Boston rivalry before. Or at least my take on it. I hate the Mets with a broad, sweeping hatred that knows no depth nor width. It is endless, black and unforgiving. I hate the Red Sox with a vague sense of loyalty to my team and a certain yawning complacency that comes with having the upper hand in a rivalry for so long.

I do prefer to rumble with Sox fans rather than their Met counterparts. Met fans are like little children. They stick their fingers in their ears when you confront them and they can often be seem having ugly tantrums. They are also less likely to give an inch when discussing baseball. Boston fans will grudgingly admit to the greatness of one Yankee or another. Met fans will chant Jeter Sucks for as long and hard as New York Ranger fans yell chants about retired-ages-ago Denis Potvin. Two peas in a pod, those Met and Ranger fans. Sucks is about as good as their insults get.

Sox fans are good to argue with. They come right at you, they are relentless. And they know how to throw down. I always enjoy a good spar with a Boston fan. A spar with a Met fan just leaves me feeling like I kicked an infant.

So here I begin my ten days (The Yanks head to Shea the weekend after this to finish off the Subway series) of antagonizing Met and Red Sox fans. Sure, the results of either series may cause be a bit of regret in being so obnoxious, but Iím a firm believer in having fun while you can. And this is fun.

  • standard talking shit about the mets disclaimer: This is meant as no offense to two of my favorite Mets fans. There are exceptions to every rule.
  • second disclaimer: Yea, I know that Mr. Met is a vet and fought for this country. Let's try to separate the man from his ugly ass costume, ok? It's a dumb, funny looking mascot.


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Mr. Met is a vet and fought for this country

Mr. Met fought for this country? Was he actually in combat? I'd have thought that his gigantic white head would be too big a target for him not to get shot.

You don't want to do this. Trust me, you do not want to do this.

THANK YOU!!!!! I am a die-hard Yankee fan and it is so nice to read a fellow fan's blog. I once dated a Mets fan for a year and a half...that's my good deed for a millenium,it was a sacrilige in my house. Go Bombers!!!!

Don't you remember the great documentary, Our Fightin' Mascots, about the exploits of the 110th Special Mascot Infantry Battalion, and its battlefield heroes - in addition to Mr. Met, The Bird, the San Diego Chicken... heroes all, and the Phillie Phanatic one of the best damn snipers there ever was.

It even became a joint allied task force for a while, as Montreal's Youppi was seconded to the battalion....

somebody on the radio said this morning that the mets playing the yankees is like the jv playing the varsity

O Creator of Worlds, I beseech you to use your mighty (Photoshop) powers to smite the Yankee infidels, and assist both the Mets and Red Sox Nations in the upcoming battles. In return for this generous favor, I offer you 1200 goats, and a fatted calf. Let the Smackdown begin!

Sheesh, rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for Home Depot. Errr.

Two words: Luis Gonzalez

O Creator Of Worlds, would you please smite these Yankee heathens and let crimson jihad reign supreme this year?

I'm waiting for Bitchslap in Beantown -

PART II.........

Freaky, I didn't even read skillzy's comments.....my bad

I know I'm going to get flamed for this...

New York is one of the lucky two cities in the U.S. where you have not one, but TWO ball teams. The rest of us are stuck with one, or none.

So, why on God's green earth, would you HATE one of your own teams? This is illogical, emotional, and asinine all rolled into one emotion.

You guys have one good team, and one bad. Back in '86, you had the same thing. I live near Detroit - we have the Tigers. Need I say more? I think you guys don't know a good thing when you see it.

I'll never understand this in a million years.

TV (Harry)

i don't hate the mets; if i may paraphrase casablanca:

"i know you despise me rick"
"well, if i ever thought about you i suppose i would..."

35 runs vs 19; 6/7 games handily won.

When the smoke clears, we'll see who remains standing......

"a certain yawning complacency that comes with having the upper hand in a rivalry for so long."

I feel the opposite.

4-1 in the Series, 26-10 in interleague.

Mets are a yawn especially here on the West Coast.

Potvin still sucks

I'm one of those odd New Yorkers who loves the Yankees AND the Mets (I lived within sight of Shea). These interleague Yanks-Mets games always leave me conflicted. Couldn't both teams just beat up on Boston a little more? Or how about Atlanta (especially now that they suck)? The Yankees playing the A's is always fun. It's like scouting the AAA team for future prospects. Anyway, I just hope the Yanks don't go 6-0 and knock the Mets, who are staying afloat for now, out of contention.

I know this is probably an age-old issue that I'm walking into as a newer reader of this blog, but I consider myself a Mets fan and a baseball fan, and I've always had the opposite issue in that I can't talk baseball with any Yankee fan I know because they all think baseball begins and ends with the Yankees. I can't talk about baseball history, because they always force the conversation back to the Yankees. Case in point, I was having a discussion with an old high school friend about short-stops, and I said my favorite shortstop will always be Ernie Banks from the Cubs. He had loyalty to his club, which I admire, and he had the skills to back it up. My friend then says that "Jeter could kick Banks' ass any day." When Jeter has 500 home runs, then he can talk to me.

Same thing with current baseball stuff. Try and talk about what's going on in the NL West, NL Central, you get uncomfortable glances, and try to talk about the NL East, they just talk about the 99 series. And any conversation about the AL always comes down to how much the Red Sox suck, it's like an obsession.

Frankly, I'd rather not worry about a rivalry with the Yankees. I hate interleague play, it serves no purpose other then for the baseball clubs to pour money into their pockets. When the two leagues met up finally in the world series, it used to be SPECIAL, it used to mean something other then the final round of the playoffs. It was the best of the best playing the best of the best. It had already been cheapened by the high volume interleague trading and free agency, interleague play just made it worse.

How do I react when Yankee fans confront me with their many victories over the Mets? How does any true fan react when confront with their own team's failure. We should've played better, you can't hope for the other team to play worse. I just hate it when Yankee fans talk about the 2000 world series around me, like I'm supposed to have some sort of religious conversion or something. We lost, that's that. What more do you want from me?

And one final comment is that I know a HELL of a lot more Mets-Islanders fans(being one myself) then I do Mets-Rangers fans. Orange and Blue accross the board!

Jheka- you're not the only one. My allegiance has shifted over the past 5 years, as I've reconnected with my roots, but despite that, I don't get the sort of animosity by Yankee fans over Mets fans.

Michele makes a couple of comments that warrant responses though:

Met fans are like little children. They stick their fingers in their ears when you confront them and they can often be seem having ugly tantrums.

"Bronx Cheer" sounds like a really dreadful thing to deal with, until you find out it's someone sticking their tongue out and going 'pthpt'. That's pretty damned lame.

Met fans will chant Jeter Sucks for as long and hard as New York Ranger fans yell chants about retired-ages-ago Denis Potvin. ... Sucks is about as good as their insults get.

But that's what's charming about New Yorkers. There's soemthing amazing about a town where fans can be counted on to call for a "John Rocker Battery Night", or chant "Beat your wife Potvin, beat your wife" or "F U Albert" while Albert Belle warms up in right field. Chants of "1940" and "1918" aren't things you hear very often when the Rangers show(ed) up in Montreal or when the Bosox plays in Camden Yards.

The 1 thing that always annoyed and still annoys me is when a Yankee fan praises AL baseball and the DH while remarking about a love and respect for Yankee "tradition".

Peter- yeah ... that reminds me of another annoying things ... the really dreadful "Jeter's 4 rings" argument, showing Jeter's "superiority" over Nomar, Arod, and the like.

Which means Enrique Wilson is the best 2nd baseman in the league.

Which means we can finally put an end to the debate over Keith Hernandez (2 rings) and Don Mattingly (0 rings).

I'm not a hockey fan, and I don't know what team Ranger fans are likely to support, if either team at all but I saw more Islander gear at Shea the last time I went to a game there than any non-Mets gear. I'd think Jersey Yankee fans would be Devils fans while those in Manhattan would be Ranger fans. Bronx fans probably wouldn't care about Hockey.

Giants fans are Yankee fans, Jets fans are Mets fans, and I've never heard of any real rivalry between the 2 groups ... at least not while I was growing up.

At least, you could give us Ranger fans credit for stopping the "Beat yer wife, Potvin" chant.

I love the Red Sox, but they are probably going to be the second best this year, too. It's too bad -- last year, it looked for a while like it might be Boston v. Chicago in the series, just like 1918.

I'm a lifelong, diehard Yankees fan. Naturally, I despise the Red Sox with every fiber of my being. I just can't bring myself to feel the same way about the Mets.

You see...I lived in Boston during the 1986 World Series. Not only was I able to watch the Red Sox totally & utterly choke, I had the pleasure of collecting a nice bit of money from a few Red Sox fans, including some who unwisely doubled our bets after the Sox went up 2 games to 0.

So, I have a tiny soft spot in my heart for the Mets from that long-ago time. It's understandable, really.

I'm a diehard Yankee's fan living in a town with a team with a vivid imagination. When they had Tino, they thought they could beat the Yanks (ROFLMAO!).

I have one better, Kat. I watched the game when Bucky Dent knocked the ball over the Green Monster. As for the Mets ... is there a team called the Mets?

In 20 plus years in NYC, I could never get excited about Mets baseball. NY has one baseball team, the Yankees.

I love it.
I only wish I could be in NY this week to catch a game.

I love it.
I only wish I could be in NY this week to catch a game.

Helen, I remember the Bucky Dent home run too. (We're really showing our age here!)

That game was my introduction to the Yankees/Red Sox madness. :)