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Something Nice

Now I actually feel good about all the money I've dumped into the Home Depot cash registers since we bought the house. bq. Retailer Home Depot Inc. is donating $1 million in tools and materials to support the U.S. military in Iraq.
The company said it is sending eight truck trailers to the military, filled with 100,000 tools and materials, including shovels, table saws, concrete mixers, safety scaffolding, power generators, light bulbs and jackhammers. The donated goods left San Diego on Thursday.
Earlier this year, the company also donated $1 million, as well as a million volunteer hours by its employees, to help military families repair and maintain their homes while a family member is deployed. The company said it has more than 1,800 employees currently serving in the military effort. It has about 300,000 employees nationwide. Thank you, Home Depot and emplyees.


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They'll probably lose most or all of the lucrative giant-puppet-making market, but I for one applaud Home Depot.

Says Deb of Marine Corps Moms: "I learned how to replace a valve seat in my bathroom faucet and rewire a malfunctioning lamp from their patient sales force. I built a corner shelf and a birdhouse at the Girl's Night Out carpentry clinics. It's one of my favorite places to hang out, even if they will never stock pink Milwaukee drills."


Actually, I seem to remember previous news articles which mentioned that HD had lots and lots of employees who were/are members of the armed forces, and that HD was very supportive of military families.

The kind of blend of capitalism and honest-to-goodness compassion and charity always brings a smile to my face.

While I always end up getting a bit peeved each time I have to go to Home Depot, this is great to hear.

Kudos to Home Depot. I will no longer bitch about them not having exactly what Im always looking for.

It was a toss-up between hitting Lowe's or Home Depot this weekend for some stuff. Now I know who will be getting my hard-earned cash.

Kudos to HD.

After hurricane Andrew, while others we price gougiing, Home Depot sold repair supplies at cost (25,000 homes were destroyed, over 100,000 homes were damaged) for several months! They could have had m(b)illions in profits.

I for one, welcom HHHH^H will always be thankful for HD.

This is impossible, of course. All corporations are run by heartless plutocrats grinding their heel into the face of the oppressed workers.

(Update from DU: "They're only doing it for the tax breaks.")

Perhaps we could fight AQ by setting up those "self serve" checkouts? I often feel myself that I've come close to self-detonating when using one.

I boycotted Home Depot a couple of years ago because of their support for PFLAG, looks like I'll have to reconsider. I'm thinking of buying a shed/out building for my backyard, looks like I'll be going to HD.

p.s. PFLAG is a extremely liberal org for parents of homosexuals. Check them out at www.pflag.org.

John - I'm going to play the "my house, my rules" thing here: I support PFlag and their cause. I do NOT support any kind of anti-gay sentiment here.