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Have A Drink On Me

algorebitter.jpg Blah blah blah viaJeff


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Bush lied? Can't somebody put a stake in the heart of that undead lying piece of trash argument?

Al Gore is the liar. And the enabler (of Clinton). And the buffoon (on global warming).

And, by the grace of God, he is NOT the President of the United States.

Anti-War Movement Was Right, Americans Now Agree


mmm Gore bitters mmm

I'll take a Sid Vicious please.

2 oz Whiskey
2 oz Gin
1/2 oz Sweet Vermouth
1 dash Gore Bitters
1 dash Worcestershire Sauce

So let me get this straight...Gore claims that Bush pulled the Jedi mind trick on the entire nation? Ol' GW makes Darth look like a puss with that one.

Oh, and I love the comment about "digital brown shirts" pressuring the media not to report bad news. If what we've been getting is the Bush-approved version, I hate to see the BAD news!

I think we are the digital brown shirts. We are.

I'm not a digital brown shirt.

I'm Michiko Kakutani.

I guess it's time for more UN diplomacy. Let's bring Al Qaeda to the bargaining table. Remind me again....what are their demands?

9/11 was not a tactical assault on a military target as was Pearl Harbor. It was a delayed revenge attack for the US having troops in Saudi Arabia. Why were the troops there? Under the auspices of the UN we were there to protect Kuwait from being conquered by Saddam Hussein. The troops were there with the permission of the Saudi government. Our presence offended Osama's tender sensibilities. So ten years later he kills 3000 American civilians. Can the far left at least agree that Osama is more of a threat than GWB?

No. No they can't, Gumby. What have you been smokin'? You should know that by now.

Brown has never been my color

I think of myself more as a digital little black dress.

Anyone seen Tipper lately? I get the feeling she's dyed her hair, wears sunglasses and a shapeless coat, and is at Murphy's Bar belting back shots of Bushmills while studiously ignoring Al's dissolution and disintegration on the tv over the bar.

Oh...and I know this is only tangently on-topic, but h*ll, this web ad "Psycho Democrats" is just too good not to share.


How come your bitters look all nice and new? Whenever we buy bitters for my parents Manhattens, they look like the jar was recently excavated.

"Digital Brown Shirts" ssSigh. Personally I prefer to wear long black cloaks and jack boots with spurs. Goes quite well with my skull and cross bones emblem and the ss runes insignia.

ooOpps! Should not have let that last bit slip out.

Do you think Gore could use some of my anti-depression pills? Zoloft anyone? Zoloft with Vodka chasers? Minus the Vodka for me:P

If I weren't agnostic, I'd fall on my knees every day and give thanks that the SC stopped Gore and company from stealing the election. Thank goodness that man is not and never will be the president.

Democrats - in your guts, you know they're nuts.

Do bitters normally come with roundworms pickled in them or is that special for Gore?

I much prefer the term "digital tan tunics."

Oh and...

The worms go in
The worms go out

Suddenly I'm seeing Clinton and Gore in a whole new way, given that's the tune of the "Laurel & Hardy" theme song...