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The ASV Clip Show

What a busy week. I was going to apologize for the lack of posting, but Treacher told me to never apologize for not blogging and I generally find it good practice to listen to him.

So I was going through my archives from the wayback machine. Thank jeebus for that thing. There's so much from this site (pre-asv domain) that I just didn't have. I'm trying to copy everything from archive.org over to Notepad so I can finally have full, complete archives.

In the process, I came across a few things I had been looking for, and some I had forgotten about. There are a lot of you who weren't around in the early days, so maybe you'll enjoy these. Let's face it, I have zero blogging mojo tonight. Hey, it can be like a clip show! If The Simpsons can do it, so can I. So welcome to the first ASV clip show/flashback episode.

The first is a conversation I overheard a few years ago (and the post I was specifically looking for), brought to mind when Lileks penned this column at the Backfence. He wanted to know the things that "get your goat."

So I poked around trying to find this post, which I did not find, but did now. Anyhow.

(Sept 2001) Overheard at the PTA conference today:

lady1: man, that really gets my goat.
lady 2: you don't have a goat
lady 1: what?
lady 2: you said it gets your goat. you don't have one. and even if you did, why would anyone want it?
lady 1: christ, it's a figure of speech
lady 2: yea i know. But..goats. you know?
long pause
lady 1: man, that really gets my tits

Speaking of overheard conversations, this is one of my favorites:

(Oct 2001)

Conversation overheard between a kindergarten boy and his father, while waiting for DJ to come out of school:

Dad: What did you do today?
Boy: The same. Looked out the window.
Dad: What did you see?
Boy: The same. Giraffes.
Dad: What were they doing?
Boy: The same. Eating the clouds.
Dad: (silence)
Boy: That's why it was nice out today. I made them eat all the clouds.
Dad: Good boy.

And this conversations:

woman 1: this coffee is giving me a stomach ache
woman 2: go poop. you'll feel better
woman 1: yea. I'm gonna go drop some bombs on Afganhistan. Be back in a few.

Ah, I found the Price Club episode called Killing the Queen. I added it to the Best of ASV by posting it as a backdated entry. Oh. Lightbulb. I can do that with all of them!

Ok, I was just kidding about the clip show. This is all I'm going to subject you to.


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Don't ya just love those little things you notice while out and about?


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