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A Word of Thanks to the Blogosphere On My Son's Graduation Day

It's a big day in the ASV household. DJ graduates from elementary school today. Now, you might not think that graduating from fifth grade is all that big a deal, but it is to us, because DJ is putting behind him a lot of bad experiences when he walks out the door of his school today. Most of you went through DJ's experience with him. The Bully. The big problems came last year and the beginning of this year, but there were a lot of smaller instances in the years before leading up to the fourth and fifth grade battles. So, on this day, I would like to thank all of you for your assistance during the bully era. It was through your advice and support that I was able to tackle the problem with the school in a way that resulted in the situation being resolved in the best manner. There was personal advice, legal advice and the imporant advice of those who had been through the same situation themselves. When I confronted the principal, I was armed with enough information to not feel intimidated into letting the problem go. But you helped me with more than that. Those of you with stories of your own to tell taught me how to help DJ handle the situation. Your advice was invaluable. The retelling of your bad experiences (and I appreciate how hard it was for some of you to write those memories down) helped a young child get through his own bad times. Oh, yes, it helped his mother as well. An update is in order, I suppose. Fifth grade started out horribly, but ended up on a good note. DJ learned not only how to face his bully, but how to turn him into a friend instead of an ememy. That did wonders for his self confidence and he was able to form more friendships instead of shying away from the other boys in his class. He finished the year by being voted the MVP Athlete by his classmates. He has dozens of friends, most of whom, in a wonderful coincidence, live on our new block. I don't know how this all would have turned out if it were not for the amazing support I received from the blogging community. Thank you for making my son's year turn out so well and thank you for helping me turn him from a small, scared boy into a happy, self confident one. When DJ heads up to the stage today to collect his diploma, I'll be applauding not just my son and all the hard work he put into making this year work for him, but you all as well, for giving me the groundwork to help him make that happen. Thank you.
Some of the entries about the bully: How to grow a bully The Bully Returns


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So as a graduation present can we come on out and give The Bully some noogies?

Just to keep them both in line, of course.

Congratulations to both DJ and his incredible Mom! :)

Congratulations DJ! Hugs to Michelle. Motherhood isn't easy and you are doing a great job!

Congrats and best wishes to you and to DJ, Michele.

With as well as his team has done this year AND this graduation, he must feel like he's on top of the world. That will undoubtedly carry him through to whatever comes his way next.

Congrats, DJ!


I assume that The Bully and DJ will be at different schools next year?

Raising kids is one of the hardest jobs on earth! And, it never ends!! even when they think they are grown

Oh Michele - congratulations to DJ. I am so glad to hear he has come through that rought time!

Coaching from the sidelines instead of fixing the situation is pretty hard to do... but when they do the work and win it is so rewarding.

Congratulations to DJ and to you mom. What a year, huh?

Go buy yourself a bigger hat Michele, you deserve the slightly swelled head. All the good advice in the world wouldn't have helped if the Mom wasn't courageous and determined enough to put it to use. It would have been just as useless if you had not raised a pretty damned good kid in the first place.
On to the next challenges!

Michelle, enjoy every minute of every day with your children, that is from bullies to graduations, because those days don't last forever. My boy was going to his senior prom just 4 short years ago. Now where is he going....Conrgats to you and yours on life little victories.

Gems, Michele. Thats what I like to call those. Life's little gems.

Congratulations, Michele. This year was a big hurdle for DJ, but he (and you) made it through. Huzzah!!

Incidentally, from the links you've provided it's not clear to me just how this situation with the bully got resolved. Did you get a lawyer? Did you have to threaten the parents? How did it all end?

Congratulations DJ! You should be very proud!

Glad to hear it turned out so well.
Best of luck with the "new school" challenges to come. Whether or not they're willing to admit it at any given point in time, DJ and Nat do have the advantage of a pretty cool mom...

Good Luck DJ. Congratulations!

Congrats. The end of conflict with my incessantly cruel 5th grade bully came when I snapped and punched him in the head a few times. Never heard of turning one onto a friend. Groundbreaking.

Congratulations to DJ (and his mom). Now it's on to middle school and a whole new set off challenges.

Congratulations to both DJ and Mom!