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here, there, everywhere

Middle School Graduation Day - 2004 - Nat (right) and friend Kayla. One down, one to go. Tomorrow DJ leaves elementary school behind and in September I'll have to deal with a double bout of new school trepidation. But for now, summer awaits us. Glorious summer with its long days and sweltering temperatures and 5 million species of bugs. Yay. Interesting aside about the AP article (you know, the one that stated my age as 31!!): I've received several emails from virtual strangers who saw the article at one place or another. One person grew up in my town back in the 40's and wants to know how the town is doing. Another went to high school with me. Another thinks we may be related. I'm just wondering if Dave the Van Man is going to call. It's been very cool to get most of these emails. I guess that the ridiculousness of writing about a site in an online article but not linking the site doesn't stop some people from using good old Google to find the site in question. I have some blog catching up to do so this post was just supposed to be a quickie to say congrats to my getting-older-by-the-minute daughter. But I'm kind and caring, so I'll share with you the two things I did get around to reading today, both of them brilliant in their own way. Bill gives another course in Moonbattery 101. It features two other bloggers, burritos, Peter Fonda and some classic moonbat scenarios. Gerard Vanderleun is a must read today. Sample from his biting piece of satire, Berners-Lee: Internet 2 Will Deploy Ahead of Schedule, Winer to Own 1: bq. In the second announcement, and more exciting announcement, Tim Berners-Lee said that the old Internet was being given to Dave Winer, of Userland fame. "From this day forward," Berners-Lee said, "Dave will own Internet 1, and all sites therein. Dave will immediately be granted root access to all servers, and will be allowed to decide who can be on his Internet, and what they will be allowed to say. As a provision of this grant, Dave understands that he not be allowed on Internet 2 at all." The next sentence is killer. I'm pretty behind in my blog reading this week. If you've got a good link, drop it in the (now perma-linkable) comments. Oh. Analog Mouse lead me to this great link: Heavy metal wear for babies. My favorite: Two Minutes to Bedtime. Update: Rather Biased (which should be on your list of reads) confirms a scoop: bq. In an interview, CBSNews.com sales director David Ghiraldini verified the existence of the relationship but declined to discuss the partnership or its ethical ramifications for a news organization profiting from the sale of controversial political books, especially since CBS News isn't known for being particularly friendly with conservative authors. Also: Pop-Up Jihad.


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Burritos? Where?

Haven't you had enough?

Try www.dookiewear.com for other non ducky-and-bunny kids clothes. I like the "chicks dig me" shirt.

Of what? Burritos? Peter Fonda? Bunny the love warren'?

Who can get enough of that holy trinity...?

Just thought I'd share my comments on the Ratherbiased article.

Rather biased, indeed
Check out the "media skills" of CBSNews.com sales director David Ghiraldini in this article in Ratherbiased.

Wow. "Maybe I can call you back if I ever want to talk about it."

I wonder if David stuck out his tongue and said "na na na boo, can't get me" or some similar such devastating argument, too.

We can infer from his commentary, as quoted, the following:

1. There is nothing significantly wrong with ratherbiased's reporting in the objected-to article. If there was, it would have been pointed out.

2. The sales director thinks ignoring the problem will make it go away. Welcome to the blogospher, Mr. Ghiraldini. Folks here tend to harp on such matters until answers are obtained, explanations offered, or sufficient ridicule is heaped on the ridiculous that feelings of mercy and/or ennui set in (the "fish in a barrel syndrome") and we (to coin a phrase) "move on."

3. There is no real third point except to say: what a dumb and unconvincing way to deal with those you disagree with. If you can't do any better than this, Mr. Ghiraldini, either have someone else talk to them or just don't talk at all.

"No comment" is better than a dumb comment. Always.

Wow. Rather and his buddies should just come out and admit that they hate Republicans and love Democrats.

I've never seen a conservative author like Ann COulter on a CBS show. Now I know why.


I know you've been blogging about this for some time, but it just occured to me that your kids are having a graduation ceremony near the end of June. Am I to understand that your school year extends this far into the summer? And if so...whassup wid dat?



Before this post scrolls out of view, someone has to do the right thing, and I guess the happy obligation has fallen to me. So:

Congratulations, Natalie!