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More Than a Feeling

Allah said in the comments last night (see how handy the new comment permalink has become already!):

I've always pictured you that way. Late 1970s, beat-up car, proto-Benatar haircut, maybe a cigarette between your lips -- and "More Than a Feeling" coming through so damn sweetly on the 8-track.
Sometimes I imagine you're wearing a baseball shirt with a decal of the Boston album cover on it. It depends.

bostonshirt.jpgWell, I didn't drive until 1980 (didn't turn 18 until summer after graduation), but Allah sort of sums it up.

First car: 1973 Oldsmobile Omega. Beat up, dented and a hideous shade of space-age blue. I think I did a pass on the Benatar haircut, as she had that frizzy/curly Flashdance thing going on in 1980 (three years before Flashance even came out. Trendsetter!). What I was going for was pure Joan Jett, which was really like a feminine version of the Joey Ramone cut. I guess it worked because people often told me I looked just like Joan Jett. Although if they were really drunk, they mistook me for Joey Ramone.

Damn, I was so cool with those bangs plastered down to my face, cemented there by virtue of hair gel or, when the hair gel was empty, toothpaste. Yes, toothpaste. Did wonders for that sleeked down look. Interestingly enough, in the mid 80's toothpaste would be used to spike up hair, ala Billy Idol. Such a versatile product. Did you know that you could use white toothpaste to remove green ice pop stains from your kitchen counter? I kid you not.

Big digression. Sorry.

Anyhow. I was a big fan of the baseball jersey band tees. They made up about 90% of my wardrobe. I loved the way the iron-on pictures would crack after two or three washing, giving the shirt that lived-in look so no one would ever guess that you were a new (poser) fan of a band; the cracks in the shirt made it seem like you were there from the early days. You know, back when Joan Jett was a Runaway. Even though the only thing you knew about the Runaways was from the gossip you read about them in Cream Magazine, because there wasn't a record store within forty miles that sold that kind of music. Heavy metal? Yep. Disco? Sure. Bleach blonde tough chicks? Think of the children!! Damn. Cherrie Curry, Joan Jett and Lita Ford. I know some men who would give up their lives for a few minutes alone with that trio.

Where was I? Oh, the car. Granted, the Omega wasn't such a "cool" car but that's ok, because it didn't last long. When I was teaching my younger sister how to drive, she obviously forgot that a red light means you should stop, so she did not stop. Unfortunately, the woman coming at us from the right knew very well that her green light meant go and go she did. Right into us. We held a dignified memorial service for the Omega and I held a grudge against my sister for years.

Oh, I was wearing a ZZ Top baseball jersey the day the Omega was murdered.

I actually did have a jersey with the Boston album cover on it. It was one of those thick, cumbersome iron-on decals. Not the kind that cracked easily; it was the kind that never faded, never wore out. When you moved, the decal moved, as if it were an entity apart from the shirt. When you sat down, the decal would cause your shirt to sort of pop out, so it looked like you had boobs at your midriff. I could often be seen trying to push the decal part of the shirt up a bit, so I would appear to have some kind of bosom. I teased the boys with the warped spaceship of the Boston album cover. Anyone trying to cop a feel would only get a handful of iron-on.

Yea, I had no boobs back in the day. They used to call me flatsy, which was better than what they called my neighbor, who also had no boobs to speak of (hey, she's a carpenter's dream: flat as board and easy to screw!). Well, that was in junior high and my neighbor eventually grew a nice set of ta-tas that looked suspiciously like wadded up tissues. Me, I waited until the 90's to get my share of breasts, after I had kids. I might have been a really late bloomer, but at least I didn't go by the name Kleenex for years.

So what does all this have to do with anything? Nothing, really. Just reminiscing and wondering if it's too late in life to go get that Joan Jett haircut again.


Wow, I forgot that you NYers couldn't drive until 17 (When visiting my aunt and uncle in the summer of 1978, I always wondered what would happen if I got pulled over, I had a legal Va driver's licence but was supposedly to young to drive on Long Island).

However, I do remember the first time I saw the cover of the Boston (I) album. my stoner friend had just bought it and came running over to my house: "Look, man! I just noticed this when I looked at the cover upside down! Look, man, look! It's not just a spaceship; it's a frickin' guitar, man; a frickin' guitar!"

Perhaps I would have thought this to be more amazing if I took drugs in high school, like my friend.

I have a Chinese print of that Boston record made by the Kong Wai phonographic concern, but what I always wanted to know is... what exactly is meant to be pictured on that cover? My current estimation is that the city of Boston has been abducted by aliens and the Earth is exploding for some reason.

Ooh, tenuous Boston-Runaways link. More Than a Feeling was played by Jodie Foster during a pivotal scene in 1979's Foxes, which also starred Lita Ford.

I get it now, cheers JFH.

It was Cherie Currie in Foxes, not Lita Ford.

It was the Currie sisters in the original line-up.Saw them live in Milwaukee.I still get tingly thinking about it.

Not only is it too late in life to get a Joan Jett haircut, it is against the law in 32 states. The Joan Jett Haircut Prevention Act of 1992 was nearly made into a Constitutional amendment if it hadn't have been for Strom Thurmond's attempt to tack on text banning abortion, flag-burning, and "them nigrahs."

Even if it is legal to have a Joan Jett haircut in your state, it is still illegal to transport it across state lines.

Ch-ch-ch-Cherry Bomb!

I'm sitting here at work listening to Best of Nick Lowe and thinking of The Runaways and the girl I made out with to Cherry Bomb and I'm feeling incredibly old...but at the same time have this grin on my face thinking...I hope my son has some decent music when he's in his late teens.

And you must mean the Joan Jett of the 70s and 80s becuase the last photo I saw of her had her sporting a Susan Powter Blonde Crewcut. She looked like a more masculine Billy Idol. shiver

I am just sitting here chuckling and remembering those good old days. I was president of the itty bitty titty committee, I didn't get jugs until my 20's!

I am still rather fond of the baseball jersey band t-shirts. Yes I have two and I do wear them on occassion.

Oh, if I only had my 1972 Dodge Duster...a really ugly metallic green..with racing stripe...aptly named DreamBoat Annie(Heart) to take me places....we must have lived in the same neighborhood of boys...Flatsy...sounds familiar!!!down to "filling" out after children....

Joan Jett hair=approved

Farrah hair=capital punishment is warranted

It may just kill you to know that Lita Ford is now a stay at home mom married to an investment banker and living in Greenwich, CT. She plays golf, now. Can you believe it? I still can't get over that. However, her kids probably have the coolest mom around.

I swear, I was thisclose last night to describing your imaginary haircut as a Joan Jett cut. But "proto-Benatar" sounded better than "proto-Blackheart." Although you don't smoke, either (do you?), so it wasn't going to be a direct hit either way.

It's never too late to emulate Joan Jett. Hell, the fact that there may be laws against it only makes it that much better! That short blonde hairdo was not an attractive look, but she recently went back to a non-blonde, non-spiky look that's far easier on the eyes.

I've somehow never managed to see her play live, so I'm really looking forward to the Blackhearts' appearance in my town later this summer...

Reminiscing, what a wonderful diversion from terror. I remember when...peace, harmony and Woodstock ruled the day. If I could turn back time. Doesn't Cher have a song by that title?

Oh great, now I've got
"Oh, I can't take

another heart-break

"Baaaaaby, you've gotta be cruel to be
" Little hitler, whatcha blah blah blah"

all playing simultaneously in the radio of my mind.

I also for some reason want to hear some breaking glass.

That would be my mirror, since I turned...er..32 today but look like hell, maybe ten years older than I ought to...

FWIW, I had Riff Randal bangs goin' on.

I had a '77 Plymouth Volare... same kind o' tank. It had a nice paintjob my brother had done when he owned it, though... until I had an unfortunate run-in with a brandie-new escort GT in '91 anyway.

The Runaways were an awesome band... that record was one of my first pieces of vinyl. I guess it got a little easier to find in the mid-80's cause I had no problems finding it.

The CD remaster did it some justice a few years ago, too... I had offhandedly mentioned it to a buddy of mine who's enthralled by chick singers in metal bands and he went running to find it... oh, how hard I laughed when he put it on..... great band, some fucked-up memories! (got one major 'first' to that album!)

Good lord! He certainly aged well

You really make me long for my ol' stomping grounds on the Island (and yes, for those who aren't from NYC: Long Island, the physical land mass, contains four counties: Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. However, if you live in any of the NYC Counties (not Nassau or Suffolk), anything east of Queens is known as 'the Island').

I was a huge fan of both Benatar and Jett, and I think Pat couldn't compete with Joan on raw energy (tho she could rock with the best), so she went with the leotards ever where she went.

Never got to see Joan Jett live, but I had nearly every lp (or tape of them). Saw Pat Benatar on the Crimes of Passion tour... I think I still have that baseball t-shirt in a drawer someplace. I always preferred the all black ones, not the ones with white sleeves.

First set of wheels: 1976 Pontiac Ventura (think of a Nova with a nose job). Yeah, it looked like a grandparent's car, but few in my circle had a car, so I always was popular.

Do you wanna touch
do you wanna touch
do you wanna touch me there

Hmmm, Omega - and Paradise by the Dashboard Lights.

Wasn't even the boyfriend's car.


I know what you mean...I love the sound of breaking glass.

It just blows my mind to think that you ever wore a "baseball jersey" with the word Boston on it.

Mine said "The Eagles" Sean.

They were cool.

Oh, I remember those shirts. It's not the band I'm astonished about. Michelle...jersey...Boston...think about it.

65 Chrysler 300 (no, I'm not that old. Bought it in 1976).

With a genuine under-the-dash Radio Shack 8 Track player, and two huge coaxial 6 × 9 speakers blasting out Boston, Steely Dan, Top..


That reminds me of the time a few years ago when I told a girl in the VIP area at some club she looked like Corey Feldman. And we ended up making out.

I'm not sure what's worse: that she thought that was cute, or that I french-kissed Corey Feldman.

Hey, I think Joan Jett is still wearing the Joan Jett cut (sort of), so it can't be too late for you to do so as well. :)

There was a fourth girl in The Runaways--other than Lita Ford, Cherie Currie, and Joan Jett.

I'm pretty sure the fourth one was on drums.

Does anyone know without looking it up?

We're the Queens of Noise,
Come and get it, Boys.
We're the Queens of Noise,
Not just one of your toys.


Anybody remember seeing Pat Benatar perform at the Stone Balloon in Newark, Delaware back in 79 0r 80...probably 80?

My wife was singer/guitarist in local band (The Eyes) that opened for her and we're trying to remember the date...?