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site note

You now have the ability to link to individual comments, in case you want to single out a particular commenter for his/her brilliance and/or moonbattery. However, in the process of installing the proper code, I messed something up so now some of the comments are bold and I'll be damned if I can figure out what the hell happened. Take the good with the bad. You get comment permalinks (as requested by millions!), but the annoying bold will stick around a while.



Bold? What bold?

(after viewing in the antichrist's product, IE)

Oh, that bold. Hang on a sec.

Stupid IE...

Dude, I'm looking at in IE right now and I got no bold.

[And thanks, Michele, we 'preciates it much!]

Well, I'm looking at it in IE and I gots lots of boldness.

Well this is strange coz I'm in IE and I ain't getting any bold.

Solid bold here.

Michele, any chaance of getting it reordered? It would look better with Comment Link * Posted by *Poster rather than the way it is. As of now, it looks like the "Comment Link" is the poster.

But I guess I'll get used to it...

The only boldness I see is "Comment Link * Posted by *Poster" posted by hindmost. Im using IE 6.

I'm IE6 on XP and it looks fine to me.

I don't get that many comments, so I'm not certain it's worth implementing... but HOWDJADOIT???

I think the bold was due to double "**" I attempted to use do delineate the fields... in some boards, they are shortcuts for bold formatting. Maybe someone did that on the Comments Michele was looking at?

ps: Me Likey having the link on the posting timestamp... Thanks, Michele! :)

If it helps on the boldness question, I have both IE5 and IE6, neither shows bold.

Just proves my point that Gates minions used a shortcut in the formulation of IE. To get some things to work that might never have been solved, they used protomatter.

Hence, the unpredictable results.

I'd recommend Netscape, if it wasn't for the demonic AOL possession that has ocurred in recent years.

The Internet needs an exorcist.