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hope dangles on a string

Very, very busy at work today, hence the light posting. Came home and decided to have family time at the mall tonight, where we spent four hours feeding the economy. We are such good Americans. Well, I'm trying to justify the money we spent tonight, so humor me. I have some really important things to do right now. Like download a few of these. Random thoughts: I've been playing with the Leftinator, which just cracks me up, yet saddens me at the same time when I realize that there are people who write paragraphs just like this - and mean it. bq. Clearly, Colin Powell's parade of lies is solid evidence of the flagrant lies promulgated by the political donor class. Presumably, Bush’s argument for war brings about a McCarthyism which threatens everything we hold dear. Perhaps for the first time since the late 1940s, the pro-Sharon neoconservative cabal brings forth the police state which has come to pass. It appears that the influence of Leo Strauss leads our attention to the final subjugation of the Middle East, beginning with the $90bn invasion of Iraq. Heh, I think someone left this as a comment over at Jeff's. After the dreaded news today, I kept thinking where do we go from here? Which was a mistake, as I spent the rest of the day with Axl Rose's voice singing where do we go, where do we go now, where do we go (ayayayayayayayayayay). Please. Make it stop. So I'm really liking that Franz Ferdinand song. See also, Velvet Revolver, Jet, Dashboard Confessional and Brand New. Before you go and say anything about my "modern" musical tastes (because everyone knows I'm an old fart, I'll have you know that I was rockin' out to Boston in the car on the way home from the mall. I know my kids and husband were snickering, but they just don't understand what the classic in classic rock means. But the thing about Boston is, it just doesn't sound right if it's not on 8 track. As for the rest of the world: Hope dangles on a string Like slow spinning redemption Winding in and winding out The shine of it has caught my eye


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I still hear the 'fadeout' to the track change in Aqualung, whenever I chance to hear it.

But I stopped carrying around a book of matches to have a cover available to rip off, fold up and brace the cassette years ago...

Michele, this is just a thought, do with it what you will. Perhaps sometime, for ASV radio, you could put together a set of classic rock. As your contemporary, high school class of 1978, I would greatly appreciate it. It could also teach the kids that we had some music that really rocked when we were their age. Just a thought.

I'll have you know that I was rockin' out to Boston in the car on the way home from the mall.

I've always pictured you that way. Late 1970s, beat-up car, proto-Benatar haircut, maybe a cigarette between your lips -- and "More Than a Feeling" coming through so damn sweetly on the 8-track.

Sometimes I imagine you're wearing a baseball shirt with a decal of the Boston album cover on it. It depends.

That Leftinator thing is eerie.

But as a fellow old fart, I have to say that that dashboard confessional song "vindicated" has grown on me like kudzu.

Although they still whine too much. Sort of like Morrisey if his voice had never changed.

Clearly, the apparent demise of "anti-Americanism" as a respectable means of stifling recognition of American imperialism represents the repudiation of international law in order to bring about the result of a pre-fascist atmosphere in America. It is not heartening that Bush’s argument for war can be regarded as the end of any possibility of social justice in a reactionary state. Presumably, Americanism as an ideology belies justifications given by the world's leading apologists for a humanitarian disaster of unimaginable scale. So far, Colin Powell's parade of lies represents the crushing of internal dissent in order to propagate the slaughter of thousands of children by Air Force cluster bombs.

Crap! I think I've argued with this guy!

--where do we go from here? --

I think Buffy The Musical.

OK, Axl, STOP!

Hope that helps.

The whole Franz Ferdinand album is excellent. It's so hip it makes me itch but like some other itchy hip bands (the Strokes come to mind), they're really good.

I think Cheshirecat found the prototype for the Lefterator.

It's also funny how some songs really don't make sense if you're stone-cold-sober!

I love Velvet Revolver(surprise) and Jet too, which made me like some old ac/dc again. Have I told you to check out Hayseed Dixie? Great covers! How are ya? Crazy here! Move saturday!!

I've had the Franz album on repeat in my car for the last 3 weeks. It's like in-their-prime Depeche Mode as a power trio, only better. "Take Me Out" isn't even the best cut on the disc - I have to go with "Matinee" for that one.

Sonic Youth - "Sonic Nurse" - despite some the osbscure, hard-to-decipher lyrics, it's got those ringing guitars, bleeding noise, spooky singing and melodic din that characterizes their best work ("Murray Street" "Goo"). Kim Gordon's songs rise above the often corny (by that I mean retro-80's underground) Thurston Moore cuts. It was on sale at cduniverse.com...

The pro-Sharon neoconservative cabal was active in the 1940s?

Who knew?

"classic rock". Up until a minute ago, my definition of classic rock was always Yes, CSN&Y, Foghat... bands that were "classic" when I was growing up in the '70's & 80's. It dawns on me that the music of my youth (saw Boston twice) is now someone else's classic.

Oh, the Joy.

'course I should've figured this out when they started an '80's music channel...

this song rox!! i luv it sooo much!!! and i luv spiderman 2!! i think hes hot!! lolz :)