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fever dreams

Still here, still alive, mostly. Diagnosis: bronchitis and a sinus infection. I haven't looked at the news much today so I've gotten nothing for you there. In fact, all I've got right now is fever dreams that inlcuded Atrios, the Olsen twins and a flapping, giant bird with wings made out of plastic tiles. That could be easily explained by the noise the damn plastic vertical blinds we inhereted with the house make when the wind blows. And the wind has been blowing something fierce today. So the clack-clack-clack of the flapping vertical blinds turned into the clacking of giant bird wings in my dream. As for Atrios and the Olsen twins, some things are better left unanalyzed. I think I'll do a double dose of NyQuil now in an effort to just black out and not dream at all. I shudder at the thought of repeating that one scene with Ashley and Atrios and the bird's beak....


Good to know you're still alive. The "mostly" thing, however, scares me. You're not channeling Newt, are you? 'Cuz us homies don't want no alien comin' out yo insides (I haven't a clue why I just wrote that last sentence in "Justin Timberlake fake 'hood").

Hi, I hope you feel better. I found your blog on Michelle Malkin's web roll, near the top, with a star next to your name; very impressive. OK maybe the position and star had something to do with the alphabet but still its a nice spot to be in. I hope you get many visitors.

i hope you feel better.

but honestly, the only news worth caring about today is the fabulous, tickled-pink, cheery news that humans (with American innovation) have gone back to space.

we need space! we need to be out and around, starting new colonies so that if the islamofascists try to kill us, they won't get all of us. We need big dreams and fantastic exploration, and people to again think about adventure and risk and creativity and innovation adn feel how thrilled and happy they are to be reaching toward something!

space is awesome. go watch video of SpaceShipOne (which i've been told, looks like Flash Gordon's plane) and smile about how much better our culture is than that islamofascist one. How we can't be beat down. Not EVER.

That giant bird thing sounds a lot like one of my recurring dreams. Its usually some invading flying thing of some kind. Giant bird, enemy airplanes, ships from outer space (I am not joking).

And nothing ever comes of it. No giant bird has yet swooped in, and I've not been abducted or dive-bombed.

Very curious.

Bird sounds?

Maybe Dr. Soong is trying to send you a message?

Sorry to hear you're under the weather. My wife currently has a horrific sinus infection, as well. She's been sleeping a lot, trying to get rid of it.


Olsen twins? Eeeeevil squared.


Boy....Nyquil-fueled dreams are strange enough, althought maybe a double-dose will render you incapable of generating brain storms. We can only hope.

Get well soon.

Did you enjoy your NyQuil coma? Drink, gag, snooze, repeat.

Bronchitis blows. Get well soon!

Had you seen this?