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If anyone out there is a WSJ subscriber and can send me a copy of today's article on Eliot Spitzer and Paxil, I'd be ever so grateful. Update: Got it! Thanks to everyone who sent me the article. As promised, I am ever so grateful. More on Spitzer v. Paxil later, if I can gather up the mental energy needed.


What does the WSJ have on this that other pubs don't? I'm very interested in this too ... my son was harmed by Paxil. I nearly lost him ...

If you do get a copy, could you please fwd to me?

Check your email in about 5 minutes.


The WSJ editorial is chastising NY AG Eliot Spitzer for suing Glaxo which they claim is just more grandstanding (He's been famous for this). The editors believe that this should and can be handled by the FDA much more effectively and without bias)

BTW, I tend to agree. If GSK did "hide" these studies the FDA and federal govenment should be asking punitive damages and applying corrections to policies not a State official.

Note that this should not prevent you and others from suing for actual damages, including pain and suffering, in a class action suit ('Course the BIG money for tort lawyers and NY state are in any punitive damages award).

The FDA is without bias??? Pfft!

A large group of parents of kids with bipolar disorder have been pushing the FDA to also look into the adverse effects Paxil and other SSRI anti-depressants have on this population. (Can you say nightmare?) Thus far, we have been ignored, even the massive survey done by www.bpkids.org was brushed off as nothing more than a collection of anecdotes.

Thanks Michele! Just got your email!

Not to shamelessly plug my blog, but I documented much of my son's journey through the hell of Paxil there ... see the category "Bipolarville"

BTW ... he's off Paxil and on the right meds for bipolar now and he is doing great!

JFH, I would totally agree with you except the GSK probably has 3 lobbyist in Washington for every Congressman, Senator and beaurocrat that has any control or influence over the drug business. Grandstanding he may be, but GSK has all the bases covered in Washington, grandstanding may be just the tool needed to get the problem addressed.


Please don't mistake my larger opinion on tort issues with my concern for your son's, Michele's and others' problems with Paxil (Hopefully, you didn't).

I just have a real problem having the court system analyze this problem and determine wrong doing with 12 clueless jurors on a complex subject such as this. The survey done by bpkids.org is very likely to be statistically biased (most surveys like this usually are), BUT that doesn't mean that it is wrong or that the FDA should investigate.

Bill - You're probably right that the grandstanding WILL probably help in getting the issue addressed, but I doubt that Spitzer was altruistic in his intentions.

What else works for others besides Paxil? I'm on Paxil still because the PAs come back almost immediately after I try to wean. I'm not having any odd side effects from the 10mg a day so I don't really see much of a need to stop unless there's another med out there that would help my body learn to create whatever chemical it needs. I tried Zoloft, but I didn't have the same results I get with Paxil.

Any help helps!

JFH, You want him to do the right thing for the right reasons? So, how is the weather in dreamland?

Monday morning I'm always the most idealistic. I'll get depressingly realistic as the week grinds on. :)

See, I'm just the opposite.
Monday finds me sure the world is doomed, but as it gets closer to Friday I start to believe that I might just survive this week.