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All Good Things Come to an End

And so, DJ"s baseball season is over. An 8-6 loss, compounded by his striking out three times today, has not left my son in a very good mood. Good for me that he's at his father's house now, eh? This was definitely the most enjoyable Little League season we've experienced since DJ has been playing. His team had a great year, he had a great year and his coaches were absolutely wonderful. We're already looking forward to the fall league. Thanks to everyone who cheered DJ and his team on this year with me. Update: This AP article about bloggers covering the conventions states my age as 31, so I won't even bitch about the fact that these articles never link to the sites they write about it and that the reporter pulled one sentence out of a half hour conversation. 31! I just lost ten years!


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If the AP is reporting it; it must be true. We'll just say you are wise beyond your reported years.

I got mistaken for a teenager last night. Yes, it was dark, and the woman had had a few too many, but a teenager! It has made my weekend considering my 41st BD is something like 3 weeks away.

Sorry to hear about the loss. Give DJ my best and hearty wishes for a great next year.

Wow, Michele... 31? Cool, since I'm really you that means while you lost 10 years, I lost 19!

Yeehaw, I like that math. ROFL.

If another reporter does this again, you'll be back at 'van age.'

Van-age hee hee hee.
I really need to take up blogging for the health effects.

At least he spelt your name correctly ...

My father is a computer science professor. At my aunt's 50th birthday party, he made her very happy by explaining that she is really 32... in hexadecimal.

I think you and I are 29 by the same measure, Michele.

Remember, there are 10 kinds of people in this world... those who can count in binary and those who can't.

Oh... any my Dodgers are going to smash the Yanks now. I'm an anti-Yankee fan now with the passion of an ex-smoker.


OK, it was a weekend series, but still.

I get neener rights until the fall.

Aren't you going to chastise them for overestimating by two years!?!?

i love the ap.

I knew there had to be some side-benefits to this blogging thing...

I'm sure we'll see a prompt correction from the AP. (muffled laughter)

Aaron, I'll see you in the alley, you Lasorda lover.

Remember, there are 10 kinds of people in this world... those who can count in binary and those who can't.
HaHa good one, hope you don't mind it I steal it Aaron.

Lasorda is great and could get a lot out of meager talent. I do have fond memories of the Billy-Reggie-George years. The only thing I still like about the Yankees is Torre. (Did I mention I have a thing for catchers?)

Billy was the best one-season manager in the game. He shortened pitchers' careers by overuse, though.

The quote isn't mine. It's from ThinkGeek.com.

Michele, feel better soon. If it lasts long, maybe I can get my wife to FEDEX you some chicken soup. I'd kill your bandwidth if I listed the guests we've had who called it the BEST. CHICKEN SOUP. EVER.

Oh, and I hope your son wins the championship in the next couple of years. The juxtaposition of a near-win with a win makes the win all the sweeter and more appreciated. Better, winning after a near-win is a good life lesson that losses aren't permanent.

I'm smiling here, go figure, cause I don't think you're gonna try to find a way to tell DJ that losing is ok.

Not that playing isn't ok. And not that losing makes you suck. Au contraire mon frer.

Screwing up and bad breaks and all that...you play. You play to win. What happens happens.

It's a one-sentence thought. You don't have to love losing. No matter what others might tell ya.