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oh, the irony

Conversation, two minutes ago, my living room: Me: Nat, I told you ten minutes ago to go make your bed and clean your room. We have to go out soon. Nat: Hold on. I just have to finish this. Me: I said NOW. Nat. MooOOOoom, this is realllly, reallly important! Me: I'm sorry, but updating your blog should be pretty low on your list of priorities right now. Nat: You have no clue, mom. Me. Right.


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She needs a guest blogger for such times!

ACK! It's a familial virus!

I had a similiar argument with #1 Nephew, but he whipped me down into the YouLoser chair:
"You're telling me what?"

ROFLMAO! Michele, may I now welcome you as an member in full and good standing of the Frazzled Moms of Teenaged Daughters of America (there's a chapter for FM of T Sons, too).

"Tsking," sighing, and all manner of eye-rolling along with the sentiment from your teen that YOU, as an adult, have "no clue" on what said teen is going through or what it is "really like for me in today's world" is going to be a regular part of Nat's repetoire until she's...oh... 20 or 22 (if your lucky).

May I be so bold as to make a few suggestions, mostly for YOUR peace of mind.

Stop making her clean her room. Close the door on it, tell her that any strange smells from crusty old dishes, etc, WILL be dealt with, but from now on, if she wants to be a pig, so be it. Then close her door and don't look if it stresses you. Strategy to embarrass her is if her room gets really bad, is to invite her friends to visit her without telling her. I don't know about boys, but I can tell when Siobhan is having friends for the weekend .. I can suddenly see the floor of her room.

And if you haven't already done this..DO stop doing her laundry, too.

I've raised four daughters (since Micah's accusation that I'm really you, LOL, I decided to put up a bio page with pics) close enough in age that there's been a few teens in the house during several years. I'm now down to my last teen.

Out of sheer necessity to maintain my own sanity, I've had to develop some strategies to get through their teen years.

Don't despair, you, too, will survive!

The names are different than the ones here in my home. The conversation is the same.

You could suggest she tell people to read their way down the blogroll while she is out.


She has a blog? Where is it? Is it in your blogroll? I think we need to get her side of the story.

Does she know mommy blogs?

Sweet, sweet justice.

Something about an apple and a tree. I am sure you know how it goes.

oh the hypocrisy.

1 american killed; and an entire day's worth of breastbeating ensues.

entire family (20 people!) killed by a US strike and not a peep from the divine miss M.

that is all.

can I shoot "prof"?

Prof, if you'll notice, the last post I made (this one) was before that news happened. Didn't get back to the computer until now.

Why don't i give you my cell number, so next time news breaks that you think I should be covering, I'll stop whatever it is I'm doing and run home to write about it?

Hey prof

If I follow your moral equivalency argument, than I guess you don't think rapists should be prosecuted, because, as we all know, it is the same as love-making..they both involve sexual intercourse.


Cool give us her blog address. We want to find out more about the ,um, World Series.

Hey, I just noticed you have a Justin and I'm a Justin. I'm in high-school and I'm going to start a blog of my own.

I haven't seen the rug in Anna's room for about 6 months now; it's covered with whatever she's worn that hasn't made it to the laundry basket, magazines, video games, books, papers, food wrappers, and usually clean folded laundry that somehow ends right back in the dirty clothes, still in its pristine folded state.

I have to force myself to remember that my room looked just as bad and I eventually grew out of being a self-centered slob....lol.

Reminds me of an Allanis Morrisette song about irony...God, I HATE that song.

Pot, meet kettle!

"updating your blog should be pretty low on your list of priorities right now."

You have an interesting sense of humour!

Well, if she doesn't have the energy to clean her room, she can just take a cute puppy, and…


You display your goods on a tv show called Third Watch. This show has people getting killed as a form of entertainment. I have a problem with this, and last night they killed an eight year old child. If you must promote violence on tv, why don't you just do it with adults