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in other words

In re the post below: I regret my useage of the word whores and I apologize for that. Everything else I said still stands. In better news, DJ's team won tonight and they are going to the World Series. A little sunshine now and then is relished by the wisest men. To paraphrase. (by the way, I stole the keys to Andy's blog tonight)


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» Paul Johnson beheaded from Classical Values
I just found official confirmation that American civilian Paul Johnson has been beheaded in Saudi Arabia. If you scroll below to my earlier post, you can read more about this sickening story, with links. Unfortunately, there are people who do... [Read More]


I was just thinking that I needed to post some good news. In this, you have the right idea. Congrats to DJ. He and his teammates must be thrilled.

Yay! They must be so proud.

Yeehaw!! Congrats to DJ and the rest of the team! Hope you guys celebrated with outrageous ice cream sundaes!

Why regret your word ? Why apololgize ?
It's your blog. You wrote what you felt.
I got in trouble a few times at work for saying what I felt.
Some people didn't like that. Too bad.

So, are they whores ? I'm not sure how I feel.
But, I value your honest opinions and feelings.

Did they get paid for it?

Keep pretending this isn't happening. That's a very helpful attitude. Yeah, right.

And it's not because we are "friends" with Saudi Arabia. They hate us because our civilization eclipsed theirs and they refuse to just DIE (culturally).

So they regress further and further in some vain attempt to further their existence.

They will not stop, they will never be pacified. They must be wiped out once and for all. Enough of this. We didn't want to coexist with Nazism, or Imperial Japan. Why should we accept these barbaric heathens who want to enslave women and throws us back into the dark ages?

I refuse to go quietly into the good sweet night, I will fight back. Enough!

Congrats, DJ, and to your teammates & parents & coaches! Have a great time, I hope you win!

I believe that "whore" is too soft a term for anyone who posts these pictures and/or video without making an honest attempt to answer the following question: Why did the terrorists create the pictures/video and make them publically available?

Sorry, but I think this stuff has to be shown just like Abu Ghraib had to be shown and the towers falling had to be shown and the people jumping from the towers had to be shown.

We have an America where a significant number of people want to give up this fight. As disgusting as the picture is (and I haven't seen it, but the descriptions are enough), it's WHY WE FIGHT.

So, I must respectfully disgree. Nick Berg wasn't enough, apparently, because our enemies didn't think it was enough.

Given the name of his blog I'm suprised more folks aren't taking him up on the opportunity to rant.


I haven't stopped by your blog for a long time. Sorry, I see I've really missed some great stuff. Maybe one reason to avoid bad words on your blog is that the little leaguers will surely eventually read it! My kids found out just about everything I ever did.

No bad pics on my blog, honest!


I didn't post 'em but you were a little harsh, dude.