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They killed him. bq. Terrorists in Saudi Arabia reportedly have carried out their threat and beheaded American hostage Paul M. Johnson Jr., the Arab satellite network Al-Arabiya reported Friday. And why? Why do they do what they do and why do they get support from so many of their fellow Muslims? bq. People living in the districts, which lie in western and southern Riyadh, suggested that the kidnappers enjoy popular support, partly because of U.S. policy in Iraq and its perceived backing for Israel.
"How can we inform on our brothers when we see all these pictures coming from Abu Ghraib and Rafah," Muklas Nawaf, a resident of Dhahar al-Budaih...."This is not a little skirmish. It is a war," Nawaf said. Damn straight it's a war. And their cover that it has anything to do with Abu Ghraib is a flimsy lie, an opportunistic grab at rationale. They've been at war with us for ages and the war just claimed another innocent victim. This is not about Iraq. This is not about George Bush. It's about America and it's about a deformed religion. When they beheaded Paul Johnson, they were aiming at you and I also. You'd do best not to forget that. My condolences to the Johnson family. I cry for your loss.


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It's gotta be America's fault somehow!

We need to stop referring to it as a religion.That is the worm of their marketing ploy.A cult hell-bent on world wide death and destruction of all human advancement.We pray in sorrow for our lost citizens.THey pray and rejoice death.

"It is a war." You got that right, Nawaf, and you've picked your side. You want to end up like saddam and his swarm of locusts, just say the word.

One thing the left is halfway right about, is when they ask rhetorically, "Well, if we attack Iraq, why don't we attack Saudi Arabia?" Well why the f*ck not? Those pigs don't deserve our money or our support. GWB has been coddling the Saudi regime for way too long. He needs to put an end to those sh*theads now.

We are at war. They will kill more of us, singly or in dozens. Iraq is a theater, as is Riyadh, as is Damascus. The disgusting thing is that helicopter mechanics are the default foot-soldiers to our enemies.

I am devastated, like I havent been in....a few weeks. Since they cut off the last civilians head in the name of their religion.

I wonder when a national consensus emerges on these points.

God rest his soul and comfort his family.

I'm re-reading that Christopher Hitchens piece from Slate about how bad the next round of photos from Abu Ghraib is going to be, and you know what? I'm not really caring that much. Yeah! I'm thinking there might be a few shots in there of guards playing hall soccer with a guy's fucking head, and I'm thinking I'm gonna see that and not give even the tiniest shit. Just one of those things that runs through my mind these days.

Allah, I am on the same page.

I am torn between feelings of "fuck 'em, just leave 'em to rot in their own stinking hell" and "total war."

I hate this fucking world some days. Just hate it.

I'm rounding your corner, Allah.

Allah, Michele, Syn:

I will see you there.

I have no earthly idea why this has changed everything for me. But it has. Like things fell away.

Nothing is complex anymore and everything is now rather simple.

There is a bill to be paid.

{Irrational Angry Thought}
Send in the B-52s, carpet bomb or nuke the region, fire for effect. Drill through glass for oil in Saudi Arabia & Iraq. Annex Kuwait.
{/Irrational Angry Thought}

At times like this, I wish the above would be done. Thankfully, after a while, my sanity returns to me.

I've been avoiding blogs and the news until I finished my big project at work today. I knew I'd feel this horrible sense of - dread? exasperation? sorrow? anger? - and I do.

My heart goes out to Paul Johnson's family.

And I am totally one with Allah's sentiments up there.

I'm not around a TV all day, so I heard it here first. It's just so sad. I'm thinking about that family, and the little grandson.

We are all agreeing to be on Allahs page on this one. I may start agreeing with my husband who thinks we should have just nuked the whole area. I keep thinking of all the innocents, yet where are the protests against this butchery?! These people who did this have collaborators all over the Middle East who are cheering them on. Let the media cry over Abu Grahib, it was not right, it is not condoned but it does not compare with what these people have done to each other and want to do to us.

Iraq has nothing to do with the beheadings. They just need an excuse, and Iraq was the best they could do.
Daniel Pearl was beheaded long before Iraq, and long before Abu Ghraib.

That's what a lot of people don't understand. The "take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure" solution... right now, when we talk about it, it's mostly in jest, or "it's too bad we can't do that," or something of the sort.

But ultimately, it will happen, if we give in to the defeatists and return to the old ways of "muddling through" and pretending we're not at war.

Ultimately, there's a point where even the most pacifistic leftists will call for blood - but how many cities can we afford to lose before that point? Oh, it won't be tomorrow. Probably not even ten years from now. But that's where it would inexorably head. And once that point is reached, the only solution will be "nuke 'em back to the stone age."

Iraq has nothing to do with the beheadings. They just need an excuse, and Iraq was the best they could do.
Daniel Pearl was beheaded long before Iraq, and long before Abu Ghraib.

It's not even an excuse, it's psychological warfare. They're trying to get us to blame ourselves.

"the terrorist wraps himslef in the world's grievances to mask his true motives"

S. Rushdie said that. He would know. The words are too appropraite today. Michele is right, this is not about George Bush and the fucking Bush haters -- it's a thousand times larger than all that. But all their childish noise is distraction we can ill afford.

I saw this poor man's wife on TV earler today -- pleading, lost. How totally sad.

Picture on Drudge's homepage.

RAFAH?! Frickin' RAFAH?! If the Saudi public is so concerned about Rafah, let them build a settlement in Saudi Arabia, or pay for moving the people away from the fence!

Like some other posters, I will no longer be moved any photos or videos which may emerge from Abu Ghraib, or even care about them. We should understand this, though: what comes from Abu Ghraib will be ground into America's face, at home and around the world. The pictures of Paul Johnson's beheaded corpse will not even be shown. The will be deemed "too sensitive," "unduly shocking," or "disrespectful to the grief of his family," or "not in the public interest becauseof their potential to promote Islamophobia." The "mainstream media" are on the other side. Make that the starting point of your thoughts.

Instead of court martials for the US service men and women that were in Abu Ghraib I vote we give them a medal, put them back at their duty station and leave them the f*** alone.

It doesn't anger me.

It doesn't shock me.

The photo doesn't twist my guts.

It doesn't phase me.


Becasue we are at war with these people, this is what they do. This is what they have always done. Why should I be surprised when a barbarian acts like a barbarian. Why should I be shocked when a rattlesnake shakes its tail? They have said for years that all Americans are targets why should I be phased?

Today was Mr. Johnson's turn, tomorrow could be any one of ours. I'm not going to worry about it.
This is a fact of life like the wind. The plight of his family is moving, but I refuse to be terrorized. I'm just going to support as best I can in words and deed any efforts to defeat and destroy our foes.

That is the only way to stop this stuff

this morning, the news said that one of the leading clerics supposedly said that this kind of behavior (kidnapping and killing Westerners) was "not true Islam"

and sadly, I thought to myself, "That's not gonna be enough. That's not gonna sway them."

There's little we can do. As I see it, we have three choices:

leave the area altogether, let it descend further into a madness of warlords and factions where women are prisoners in the home, children are used as bombs...and where we wait for them to come into our homes in America and kill us.

pull all the Western civilians and military that we can out, carpet-bomb the area, kill everyone, say "f*** the 'innocent civilians'" and maybe get some measure of security, but have most of the rest of the world hating us even more than they do. And have to watch our backs in case some of the terrorists escaped or are located in other countries.

stay the course, resign ourselves to losing more civilians (most of whom are over there rebuilding the farging INFRASTRUCTURE - getting electricity and clean water to people) and military, and hope and pray that maybe 75 years down the line, we'll see something like a democracy develop. And still have to watch our backs, because there are always going to be sick f**** who hate anyone other than them having freedom or power.

Personally, I think course #3 is the best but there are days (like today) that part of me says "just go with #2, make the Middle East into Israel, surrounded by a giant field of glass."

I love people, but the human race makes me want to tear out my hair sometimes.

At least they didn't torture him; you know, putting panties on his head or letting a dog bark at him.

/sarcasm off

Sorry. I'm in a rage right now. Mad enough to post. Glad sites like this, and authors like Michele, are around. I don't feel so alone.

Requiescat in pace, Mr. Johnson. You served your country well.

Rot in hell, al-Qaeda fuckers.

You know, decapitating the al-Qaeda prisoners they tried to bargain for wouldn't be legal, and officially I couldn't support it. But unofficially? I wouldn't be able to suppress a smirk of glee.

Allah, michele and all the others

I haven't rounded the corner yet. But I'm leaning on that corner and giving the rounding of it some serious consideration.

Maybe some good will come of this tragedy. Like enough people waking up and rounding the corner.

God be with you, Mr. Johnson.

"I regret I have but one life to lose for my country."

It's our core, everyone. And 9/11 drove it home.

Most of us would have done anything we could to take out the planes. We know that.

I found myself today saying "let's evacuate Israel, give them New Jersey or something, and then nuke the whole region into the ground."

But that's just me.

I'm with so many of you on this. It isn't the despicable murders of Johnson, Berg and others that sends me into a rage. I know what they are, and I know why we have to defeat them.

No, what kills me is when some America hater pipes up and tells me why this is our fault.

Dean is right. That is an attack too, a psychological assault. And I don't know about you all, but today I have no patience for it.

First I wanted to kill these terrorist SOB's, then I made the blog rounds. I found a large portion of people on my favorite blogs wanting to nuke something and/or kill them all, and I thought to myself "Myself, that would pretty much solve the problem. No more Muslims = no more Islamic terrorism." QED.

Then I read the retorts to these calls to genocide. Their big meme seams to come down to the question "How would that make us any different from them?" I see some of you nodding your heads because this makes sense, we are the good guys, we don't kill indiscriminately.

"How would that make us any different from them?" turn that question over in your head a few times and see if you can get where I'm going first. The answer is easy. It wouldn't make us any different. Why, because they want to kill all of us. THEY WANT GENOCIDE! The stated goal of there religion is to convert, enslave, or kill anyone not of the Muslim faith. I could link to the appropriate verses of the Koran or the speeches of the Mullahs but it would be redundant, it's been done here and elsewhere many times.

The next statement I hear a lot is, "It's only a few terrorists that feel that way, the majority want peace." What a piece of unmitigated bullshit. We have all seen the footage of Arabs dancing in the streets after some attack on the U.S. or the evil Jooooos. We have seen the Imans preaching death and destruction to the Great Satan. We have seen these things not just recently, but for at least the last twenty years I've been paying attention to the world stage. Why do we keep seeing these things? Why do the more popular Imans keep saying these things? Because they strike a cord with the a lot of the Muslims. Not just in the ME, but we are seeing it in Europe and in the US as well.

The moderate Muslim doesn't exist. I like to think of myself as fairly moderate, although more than a few leftists would lable me as a fascist. That's fine, it proves my point even more. I may be a fascist but the groups I support and give money to are groups like Spirit of America or Operation Shoe Fly. Compare that to the groups the so called moderate Muslims contribute to, namely Hizbollah and Hamas, that have admitted to terrorist activities. Until the funding for groups such as these dries up, until the radical Imans are shouted down instead of defended, until we see cries of outrage instead of dancing, until this comes to pass. There is no moderate Muslim.


P.S. Nuke them All.

So now we begin with my reaction. Well now I'm just even more pissed than the other times. Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, Paul Johnson. Not so much shocked, because this is war. Now I hope some of you terrorist bastards read this:

You can kill all the single soldiers that you capture. Whoop dee fuckin do. How about you lose the cockiness before our country comes over and personally castrates each and every one of you before fucking your wives while you are being hanged.

You wanna go one on one? Three of my guys take one of your guys? Oh wait, that doesn't make sense, like your pittiful videos of decapitation. Ok sure shows some domination. Don't use your piss off religion as an excuse either. You want to know my religion? Ok, here it goes. This is the theory: I stab you in the forehead, then nail you to the floor. The next thing I do, and this is the worship session, is I dousse you in gasoline that we refined from your country. Now here's the ultimate sacrifice... I light you on fire, but wait. Its not over. Then I piss in your face. But not enough to put out the fire. No way, jose Allah.

Fuck you bastards for what you do. I hope you die and whatever the fuck god of Islam shits in your mouth.

Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, Paul Johnson, and any others who will face this terror, I am so sorry that cowards would do such an awful thing. Looks like these raghead bastards just got their panties in knots.

NO, I don't want to join the military because I wouldn't get to do what I want to do. No, I will become a sniper and then move to Iraq and put a towel on my head. Then I will shoot every single person that does not comply with my American Brothers. Fuck your beliefs. Fuck your country's history. Without our country, you wouldn't be eating anymore. You know, screw kitty litter, I hope my cat even shits in your mouth, after i decapitate you

Religion is and has been the root of war for centuries. Stop the f--ckin religion! Cant we all just practice and prey in privacy and not be so dam pushy?
Do good things and Treat people with kindness. The basics that make you feel good about life. Between the christians catholics , Jews and muslims theres a hell of alot of war goin on here!
People need to quit bitchin and preachin and look to your family because all of our countries are going to hell in bucket. Raise your children with love and not hate, racism or that another religion is bad or better. The super power uptairs created diversity. Why fight it?
The hate seed is planted and the only way to stop the hate is to communicate! We are all angry at whats going on right now. Hate will breed more war and continue the madness.
The media is the tool for the communicator for terrorists. Why arent we using it more for peace and negotiation?
The Private sector needs to step up to the plate because these guys are too hostile tords the US. Corporate Europe and America could send a million dollars for each person in if the the victom is an asset to their company. Something im understanding in all of this is Afghanistan and Irag have been holy warin for centuries.
Learn from history people its time get involved and start making the choice to be non-violent. Its gonna kill us all if we dont stop right now! Looking at our "US killed in action list" on the current war already. It looks like another beginning to vietnam to me.


Wow, dude, that was so deep! I mean... like, wow.

What was IN those brownies, anyway?

after hearing of the latest crime commited by the islamic bastards. i'm sick of hearing their religious drivel.

their religion is a curse on humanity. they can take their "jihad" and shove it up their ass.

the world is watching, fools