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Well, Well, Well, My Michel(l)e

Never before have I had the opportunity to use Guns n Roses lyrics in two consecutive posts! And I have Commissar to thank for this. He compares me to (or is that contrasts with) one of my favorite people, Michelle Malkin. [see full chart here] I wish he didn't use the Sox cap photo. I'll have to dig up another one for him. Even if it's an old one that makes me out to be better looking than I am because competing with Malkin in that department is a lose/lose situation. Honestly, I don't care if people know that Michelle is sexier than I, I just don't want people to mistake me for a Boston Red Sox fan. Anyhow, Commissar makes a compartive chart and also says: bq. These twins, this pair, almost defy description. They are as Yin to the Yang of the frothy, barely nubile, blond Olson Twins, these two serious, maternal, brunette provocateurs of the Right. The MMolson Twins, perhaps? I do think that Da Commissar is too generous, though. Michelle is obviously sexier, smarter and a better writer than I, but I'll believe the Commissar's hype for today at least. Wonder twins activate!


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woooooo, Scylla and Charybdis.

I'm pretty sure Allah is going to bring up "being between a rock and a hard spot."

Actually.... Malkin's a hack.

Don't worry you're much better.

I don't think it's so much that the Commissar is so much too generous, but rather that the commissar has been completely overwhelmed by hormone overdose.

'Course, can't say I can blame him!

Michelle is obviously sexier, smarter and a better writer than I

Not to inflate your ego, of course, but you're dead wrong on all counts on this one. There's a lot more to sex appeal than a photoshop smile, and even though I agree with some of what Malkin says, I'd much rather visit ASV any day.

At least so long as you keep up the payments. ;)

And, to follow up on Andy's thought a little more, I have always found your writing much more paletteable, more fluid to read than Malkin's. Even if I don't agree with what you're saying half the time, mind you! :)

I'll give you sexier because that's a "to each their own" kinda thing. But smarter and better writer...you take that back right now!

Now all we need is a Michellle blogger with 3-Ls. (I'd say triple-Ls, but someone might come up with some perverted misinterpretation of that comment)

Apples and Oranges kids...

To compare Michele's writing style to Michelle's isn't fair, both are great, but they're not writing to the same audience and about the same things (Although, there is a great many of us, I believe, that wouldn't miss something written by either).

Smarter? Depends on what subject you're talking about.

Sexier? Ah, let's start the daydream... (The rest of this paragraph has been striken on orders from the wife; and I'll STILL probably have to sleep on the couch.)

The one-L Michele is a fox.
The two-L Michelle really rocks.
But I'll bet you a French official
That there is no three-L Michellle.

Looks like both Michelles are envious of Wonkette.

Oh damn - MicheLLe is gonna kick the Commisar's ass when she spots that he called her a filipino

Filipina? I thought she was an American, as in "Philadelphia-born. South Jersey-raised" as it says on her blog. Which means she's probably from the burgs around Trenton. Heritage, schmeritage, if you're born here you're one of us, first last and always. Categorizing ourselves and each other with foreign or foreign-hyphenated labels/terms is ultimately divisive and destructive. E pluribus unum, anybody? Melting pot?
(end of rant)

um, actually, I would give the nod to you.

and that conclusion was drawn way before I had a clue what you looked like.

in fact, I had to get over your Yankee fan thing. that was tough!