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ten years already?

Yea, I was watching it. I kept thinking OJ was going to kill himself in the Bronco. Then I was imagining scenarios that would make the chase more exciting. Like a plague of frogs trying to cross the freeway or rabid gophers popping out of the roadway or a renegade cop running down the people cheering OJ on. Then I thought about Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman, turned off the tv, contemplated life and death for a few minutes and played Legend of Zelda on the NES for four hours.


I was at the Charlotte Heroes Con comic convention with some friends, in the sports bar area of our hotel. We watched it on the TV over the pool table. Jim Lee and some of the Image Comics guys were playing pool as we watched.

Screaming at the TV because the Rockets were in the NBA Finals, but the slow-speed car chase was on instead of the game.

Screaming at the TV didn't do any good. Neither did screaming at the overloaded switchboards at the local affiliate and the network.

Remember, OJ didn't get away with murder. He got away with TWO murders.

You certainly have a good memory.

I was at work at the State Capitol, and it was EXACTLY as it was portrayed on TV: all of the white people watching shook their heads and all of the black people watching cheered.

Very sad that we are that far apart.

I'm currently trying to get rid of Ganondorf, again, in Ocarina of Time.

I thought I was doing pretty well until he started pulling lightning from the corners of the f***ing ROOM, the bastard. He's killed me twice already goddam it!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LAUGHING AT, GANON?! YOU WANT SOME? HUH?!

And now I'm going to dream about OJ chasing Link around the Spirit Temple in a white Bronco, and when you beat the Bronco he's going to come after the poor little halfling with the Giant's Knife. Cruel Fate!

Great! Now I have that totally addictive NES LoZ theme totally stuck in my head.

Must think of more catchy song to get rid of this one.

"Ring ring ring ring, Banana Phone..."

Ugh... didnt work.

"Where can you see lions? Only in Kenya. Come to Kenya we've got lions!"


I was in my car, on my way to see the Los Angeles Women's Shakespeare Project perform "Othello" (black celebrity kills his white wife). No lie.