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Weird Brain Functions: Plowed Into The Sound

So this morning I'm walking around the house with the song "Plowed" by Sponge in my head. Hmmm...why, though? I haven't heard that song in ages. Then....revelation! I had been looking up something on Google for DJ and came up with a page about sea sponges. My brain must taken in the information and turned sponge, the sea creature into Sponge, the band, which forced my brain jukebox to go on and play Plowed. Unfortunately, the jukebox refuses to turn off. Update: My coworker just informed me that a photograph of a hair male leg made her start humming the My Little Pony theme song.


I wish I understood why songs get stuck in my head. If you could bottle up an antidote, you'd probably make millions.
What really sucks is:
1) You get a song stuck in your head
2) It's a song your wrote
3) You suck as a musician.

My hubby doesn't understand that I can accurately describe the reason I have certain dreams just by the seemingly inconsequential things that had occurred the day before.

Does anyone else have the ability to do this?


Does it make you feel better knowing that when I see your web page title, I start humming Faith No More's "Midlife Crisis"?

Apparently, the jukebox inside your brain also has a download feature. Thanks a lot, I'm plugged in now.

Funny, I've had the same song stuck in my head for a week. I live in Cleveland and one of the local radio stations just hosted a concert by Sponge so all last week they were playing Plowed to support the show.

I highly recommend not turning your back on said co-worker at any time under any circumstance. Always... always keep her in your line of vision while keeping pepper spray handy...

And what is this about Sponge Bob?

Love that song. Actually, the song Drowning off that album is one of my all time favorite songs.

For some reason this thread has started my mental jukebox playing Billy Joel's "It's My Life."

Thanks loads, everybody.