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In Bloom

June 16th
He opened the geography to study the lesson; but he could not learn the names of places in America. Still they were all different places that had different names. They were all in different countries and the countries were in continents and the continents were in the world and the world was in the universe. He turned to the flyleaf of the geography and read what he had written there: himself, his name and where he was. Stephen Dedalus Class of Elements Clongowes Wood College Sallins County Kildare Ireland Europe The World The Universe
Joyce was my inspiration; Stephen Dadelus was the charm that held that inspiration close.


Perhaps you will enjoy this rather gay editorial from the New York Times.

Happy Bloomsday everyone! Thanks Michele for reminding us. I'll observe the day by reading a few stories from Dubliners and hitting an Irish bar tonight.

That book is the most overhyped, obtuse,unreadable 'Great Book' I've ever tried to wade through without drowning or falling asleep....


And a happy Bloomsday to you! That book blew my mind when I first read it and it continues to do so today.

Going to a bit of a Bloomsday celebration downtown ... should be hilarious!

I rank Ulysses, right up there with Faulker's The Sound and the Fury as books that I will never "get". Is this overrated "junk" (much like most deconstructist theory) or is it that I'm too shallow to understand the genius? Obviously, if the answer is the latter, I'd be too ignorant to answer this question.

I've not read Ulysses, but I've read Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man and loved it. The main character is also named Stephen Daedulus (spelled differenly or the same?).

Ulysses was the only book I could not finish. My tolerance for tedium is fairly high; I read Moby Dick in the unabridged version. And Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man was just a little too precious for my taste.