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I hate change

Yahoo: Bigger mailbox, slower than usual connectivity. I didn't notice any of those pretty changes they promised, either. Must be too nuanced for me to see. Fox News: Worst front page change EVER. Ugly, crappy navigation, horrible colors. The ads are obtrusive. Reminds me of when IGN let McDonald's take a dump on their front page.. I may have to use Fark as my main news source again. _________ As an aside - 165 comments later, the joke is still as fresh as a new douche. And if you look towards the end of the comments, you will see that Micah has now claimed that I am Darleen. Who knew someone's mental health deficiencies could be so amusing?


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I agree on the Fox page, absolutely terrible. I just e-mailed them. I asked them if they wanted me to go back to CNN for the headlines! An empty threat, but maybe they'll listen...

I thought the same thing about Fox's site. That really is teh sucky layout and design. I think even Rorschach would look at it and say, "I don't get it." What a mess.

Couldn't agree more on both fronts... I just went "ewwwww...." on the Fox page (not ew! enough to hit CNN, of course), and I just commented on the Yahoo! mail in an unrelated reply email to you (re: a certain fantastic piece of artwork).

Yes; I have too many email addresses.

Fox's website really looks like ass (a big female hairy one at that!). This is a prime example of what NOT to do with a webpage. It'd be nice if they added RSS/XML. (OT: BTW, anyone know if Freep has an RSS feed?)

As for Yahoo.. although I'm glad that that I have an extra 94 MB of space, it loads slow. As a software developer, I know it takes time to hammer out the kinks on a new/improved product, so Ill give yahoo some time before I pass a final verdict.

Yahoo seems slightly better now than earlier in the day. I'm definitely psyched for the new storage space, but then I'm a serious pack rat.

Yahoo seems better now, Crank, b/c it's no longer under attack:


Anyone else notice that whenever you do a Google search now, regardless of the subject matter, that Ebay is always the first result? I just got "Look for U.N. Fraud at eBay" as my primary result. Sad.

The colors don't bother me nearly as much as the crappy navigation that you mentioned.


So, I'm not the only one who tried to gouge out their eyes while looking at the new Fox layout? Huzzah!

Google was also hit by the attack as were several other major players. Yahoo seems back to normal now. We get the deluxe Yahoo version as part of our DSL service. I have no idea what I'm going to do with 2 gigs of mail storage.

FoxNews' redesign is hideous and impossible to navigate. Have you tried clicking on the expand-o links on the side? Slow as molasses. I can't imagine what it's like to visit their site on dial-up.

*******This comment has been hijacked by the owner of this site********

Dear Mr. Darpanet. Off topic comments suck. You made the baby jesus cry and for that, your comment has been deleted.

Next time, put your thoughts and links in a more appropriate place. For instance, you might try to find a thread either here or on another blog where people are already discussing your chosen topic. Or perhaps you might like to start your own weblog, which you can do for free at blogger.com.

Now run along.

Shoot, Darpanet was such as easy troll target, like using a 12 gauge against pen raised quail.

It looks like they got a little overzealous at Fox's web design department. What a horrible, horrible design. I hope they see the error of their ways and put it back the way it was.


I have broadband and Fox is slllooowwww... WTF are the dialups doing... 12 pt counted cross-stitch while they wait????

And..um... what IS that amorphous blue background???

didn't you get the gmail thingie?

"...so Ill give yahoo some time before I pass a final verdict."

Ummm forget that. Yahoo mail loads up quickly now, I can now view my mail and all is well in the world...

..expect it wont let me reply or compose new messages! Grrrrr! I feel like Ray Walston in "Johnny Dangerously". He gets hit in the head by a newspaper, gets cured of one ailment and is afflicted with another.

Is this a 'New Coke"phase for Fox?

I thought I was the only one clicking away in horror when their page came up today.

I don't know... I don't mind the new Y! Mail layout...

but then, I have the class and style of a damp mop, so what do I know.

My philosophy is that I can get used to anything. Whether that will pan out with the Fox site remains to be seen.

In a perverse sense, I am glad to hear the complaints about the Fox webpage, because now I know that I am not the only one who really doesn't like it. For me, the problem is that the initial interface has so little news information. The lack of news information in the initial interface makes it harder to find the interesting stories and read about them.

Google mail's where it's at.

I wasn't exactly happy with their old page. They have managed to take every bad point of the old page and build (or is that demolish) upon it. It's even LESS user friendly than before and all the adds makes me feel like I'm in some tourist area where you can't even find the street signs for all the billboards and advertisments. Yucky all around.

Jeebus... Fox's art director needs to dial back the caffine.