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roger who?

Your emails are comments are quite touching. Really. It's just that.... I don't care. I do not know this Roger Clemens of whom you speak. Nope. Update: I'd like to take a moment to address the issue of Nomar Garciaparra playing 2b for the Yankees next year. No thank you. See, I have this thing called loyalty. Well, I'm loyal to my sense of rivalry. Which is why I never liked Clemens, even when he wore pinstripes. So if Nomar comes this way next year, I just may have to get these tattooed pinstripes removed from my ass somehow.


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The Evil Empire has endured just fine without the Rocket. On sports talk radio yesterday here in Miami (Where 51% of the fans are from NY it seems), they were tossing about rumors that Nomar Garciaparra wants to go to NY and play 2B.

I'm sure that's one of the signs written in baseball's secret tomes of the forthecoming apocolypse.

Good thing the NL has teams that can/has beat/beaten the Yanks.

Maybe the name Andy Pettite will help you remember?

Is that some sort of sports reference?

SECTION 39: "jUST sAY no fARKING way" to Nomar.
That is all.
(and Clemens can eat my--)

Roger? You're wearing a Beaner beenie when you hit Coops.

I just may have to get these tattooed pinstripes removed from my ass somehow.

I think someone needs an Imperial Houston Astros Bar Stool for her ass instead... ;)

Actually, those stripes could be scanned as the bar code for Spam.

Aw come on, Michele, Nomar playing second would be FUN. A bunch of overpaid shortstops filling the infield (get Barry Larkin to play first and your infield is complete!)...

Besides you get Mia Hamm in the bargain (tell me you haven't thought about her firm body with her strong legs wrapped around.... wait those are my thoughts... never mind)

Roger just plain old rules. He kicks ass and takes names. If he doesn't feel like taking names then he just kicks ass. No better pitcher except maybe Nolan Ryan, ever. OK maybe Satchel Page, but I never saw him pitch.

At this point, I'm ready for Luis Sojo to suit up and play 2nd, so the Nomar discussion neither intrigues nor disgusts me.

Nomar playing 2B anywhere should be ridiculous to anyone who's ever actually seen him play. You can't throw off-balance, cross-body from 2B. He'd take even more adjustment than A-Rod did.

Of course it'd make the most sense to have A-Rod at shortstop, Jeter at second, and Nomar at third.

I am sitting here watching one team full of overpriced "talent" get destroyed in the NBA finals.

I can't wait until the same thing happens to NY in September and October of this year.

Yep watching GWB pull away in the polls and the Yankees fall apart in the playoffs are the two things I am looking forward to the most. :)

Provided that NY can hold on for the wild card that is.

I love Nolan's statue at deep center in the Ballpark. His accomplishments around him in marble. He stands upright, his hat in his hand, like he did when he said thanks to the fans.

But if I had been commissioned to pick the pose, it would have been the one where he had his left arm around Robin Ventura's neck, and his right hand coming around underneath and knocking the crap outta him.

My all time favorite baseball expression, is the one on Ventura's face right before he collides with destiny, the one that says "maybe I should have thought about this another 10 seconds or so".


Are you fotgetting rhe Yanks get some of their best people from Boston...?

George Herman Ruth strike a familiar chord?

Just saying...

remembers Roy White diving head-first into the left fiels seats on many occasion to steal a homer from an opponent.

Come on, Michele. Nomar coming to NY would be awesome for the hatred and bile it would cause Red Sox fans alone. And it would be better than Clemens because Nomar would be coming directly from Boston to NY. Whatever problems you might have, you should be able to set aside so you can gawk at the train wreck that is Red Sox fans - ESPECIALLY if Nomar were to bail for NY.

I would laugh - HA HA HA - much like that.

Sherard has a point. While I loathe Nomar, the thought of just how crazed RedSox Nation would become if Darth Steinbrenner signed him...priceless!

I have to agree with Sherard too. As a die hard Red Sox fan, I would have to wear a black armband for at least a year straight if Nomar were to go to the Yankees. I can think of few things that would be as upsetting as that.