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play ball

We're headed out the season's first - and hopefully not last - Little League playoff game. It's a short bracket - DJ's team just needs two wins to get to the World Series.
I really hope he doesn't pitch. His mother can't stand the pressure. Wish us him luck.


Good Luck DJ!


Take it from an old theater geek

Break a leg!!

Use the Force (of yankee hearts) , Dude,,,

my borough lives in the playoffs,,,
(I was gonna say all sorts of 'prophet' crap...

"Just go Whomp Them!"

(my mom was looking over my shoulder when I did the last entry)
"He's so small!"

Good luck, DJ!

All my best to DJ and his Mom -- LOL. I used to coach, so I know what you're going through - there ain't nothing more fun my friend! Nothing at all. I can' believe how quickly it's all over.