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Orange You Glad...

I think I already mentioned our "no white walls" decision in decorating the new house. Well, we really meant it. DJ's room is painted Yankee blue. Natalie's is bright yellow, but next weekend we will, at her request, paint flames on the walls. Hey, it's better than her original idea of black walls. The living room is nearly done. The floor will be finished tomorrow, and the paint is the drying stage. The walls are august morning, the trim is jack-o-lantern, the floor a fake parquet. Just couldn't afford the real thing. Pictures and notes below.
This is the north wall that leads into the office, which has been painted a mahogany sort of color, but is far from done yet, made obvious by the mess you can see through the door. This is the part of the living room that looks out into the hallway, which will be painted a color known in Benjamin Moore circles as fire dance. I'm telling you, I could spend all day in the paint store just reading the silly names of these colors. Hopefully by tomorrow night we will have the entertainment center in place so we can finally watch television in the evening. Even though we have no living room furniture to speak of as yet. And now that I think about it, what the hell color couch do we get to match a room that looks like it was inspired by a plate of cheese and crackers? I just spent fifteen minutes playing with the Benjamin Moore painter. My colors look really nice in their expensive living room!


Grapes and apples go well with cheese and crackers.

Ooo! Ooo! I love it! I can't wait to come over!

No! Not the evil Orange that is taking over all of the "home improvement" shows on HGTV/TLC/Discovery/et al!

Why won't this color DIE! NO! NO! NO!

Thanks for the link to the Benjamin Moore Painter. We were looking for something like that earlier, with no luck.

Once again, you rock.

Oh lord. Please do not tell me that all this time we thought we were being original, we were actually becoming part of a trend. I swear, we will whitewash these walls and start over if orange is the new mauve.

(remember everything was mauve in the late 80's?)

Hey, your orange looks positively subdued compared to the BARN RED living room I inherited when I bought my house...

Yikes, that's orange alright.

Hey,you're normal and in-tune with the world-at -large.Izzat so bad?

Whoa, Faith!

Pink flamingo in the living room? Gads, I hate to think what my 21 month old twin grandsons would do with THAT! ;-)


About those shades of paint and the names, I cannot help but recall a really neat old Cary Grant film "Mr. Blandings builds his dream house".. Myrna Loy is Mrs. Blandings trying to explain to the painters just what shades she wants. She explains she wants yellow the color of grade A butter, and a red that is closer to a ripe Winesap apple rather than a MacIntosh, etc. ... when she leaves the one painter says to the other... "you got that?" the other "yeah, yellow, red and green..." :-D

yeah. a lime-ish green couch, some black accents (black rug perhaps?), some white accents, coupla nick-nacky's the same color as the couch... it's fab, michele.

I;m in a place with a kitchen that has been half-painted puce. the rest is fake wood panelling. With a vengeance, i intend to attack the walls and ceiling with paint the color of fresh blood, with white gloss trim. Our dishes are blue glass, and the chairs are the classic 50s chrome framed ones that came with the red formica table- so the kitchen will be red white and blue with some pinewood- the cupboards. I'd like a black & white checkered floor, too.

looks like you have been quite busy! we've been redoing an old farm house, what a job! but my living room is almost the same color, maybe a shade lighter. i've used cream and green as accents

I have to say that, having been in Faith's apartment, she was definitely an inspiration in my decorating.

I like the idea of lime green and black. And Pril, your kitchen sounds exactly like what I orignally wanted to go for - like a 50's diner decor.

Hey, don't worry about the "fake" parquet floor. We can't all afford real hardwood. Our family room and kitchen are all the laminate "fake" hardwood". Looks just as good (well almost) and it sure looks better than whatever was there before (an ugly burnt orange beat carpet in our case).

Just keep in mind that with the work you've already done, the house is probably already worth $10K more than what you paid for it.

Your fake parquet, at least at this distance, looks awfully close to my more-or-less real stuff.

Like the combination, although orange isn't my color.

Kind of reminds me of the 70's though. I lived through it once; that was enough.

Imperial Keeper

Not that I have any interior decorating sense, but I'd replace the black wall sockets with white ones to match the covers. It's easy to do and cost less than 1.50 a piece at Home Depot. Unless, of course, you intended to highlight that contrast (did, I say I have no interior decorating sense already?)

Already bought the white sockets :)

Good, thought that would look better.

BTW, My wife and I once bought a house, that was owned by an interior designer, with black walls which made for a cozy, romantic living room especially with a fire going... at night. During the day, another story. If you think white walls show fingerprints and dirt more than other colors, that's nothing compared to black walls (and this is before we had kids). Trying to clean them made it worse.

Y'all and Natalie made the right decision.

"black walls" Reminds me of being 15 when I wanted black walls in my bedroom because I was going through my Lord of the Rings phase: I wanted to pretend that I was Sauron and my room was the Barad-Dur.

Wow! Thats a spiceee meetball!

My neighbor has the same color combo going on in her living room, although the orange (I can't remember the actual name of the color) is a bit more muted. She has beige leather furniture. It looks great, but I wish she hadn't gone overboard from there on and decorated every communal room in the house (entryways, stairways, etc.) in that color---it's a wee bit overwhelming at times.

One of the neat touches she added that really makes it glow, however, is that she added lots of copper accessories. Decorative copper bowls in the dining room. Copper accented lamps. She bought copper light switch-thingys (can't remember the real name of those). And the coolest thing she did: she took off all of her doorknobs (they're old ones with the crystal knobs) and had the metal bits electroplated with copper. It looks fantastic. It really pulled it all together.

What about stick-on flames if she gets tired of them?

They sell them for cars, maybe they'll stick on the walls.



"What did you do?" "I don't know, they won't tell me."

It was Robin's Egg blue.

Michele, I'm honored. ;) Wait till you see the hot pink neo-bordello bedroom.

Thought I'd write something on the choice of wall colors...so...um...well...love the blog.

Dark brown leather furniture, Michele. Trust