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Proof that my son's fascination with zombies has gone overboard. (I put the picture in extended entry by request. You really can't be that squeamish, can you?)
And yes, I did tell him that his face was going to freeze like that. To which he replied: cool.


That's creepy.

The thing I never understood about zombies is how they have the strength to dig out from under several thousand pounds of dirt but then have trouble breaking down a door.

I calculate that if a zombie is in a coffin under at least four feet of dirt, pushing open the lid will be the equivalent of bench-pressing at least a ton. Yanking a door off the frame or even pushing the wall over should be a snap. Of course, it has been years since I have seen a zombie movie so there is probably an explanation which I have since forgotten.


Now Michele, once you're told him his face will freeze like that, you are supposed to demonstrate the next stage to get that look even creepier ...

using the fingers to pull up the eyebrows for the white eyes, while the thumbs push up the nose for a piglike snout...


Got to love the wonderful world of Boys. I think he would get about an 8 out of 10 on the playground with that one!

Well, actually, it looks a lot like that little graphic that shows up when I open A Small Victory in bloglines.....like mother like son?

Something about acorns falling close to the tree comes to mind.

Artie: the explanation is that Resident Evil would be unplayable if zombies could open doors :)

Excellent work there by the boy. And the reply of course is golden.

I once saw a woman on Dave Letterman's show who could pop her eyes out of the sockets! This is at least as freaky.

OK Michele, the kid loves both monsters and rock & roll - you've GOT to introduce him to the Groovie Ghoulies!

With songs like Zombie Crush in their catalog, it's a match made in heaven. ;-)

I....see....Red Sox fans....

I remember a Calvin and Hobbes where Calvin decided his face had frozen in some hideous look, until Suzzy Derkins complemented him on the new look. :-)

I think the reason they can't get through doors is because they're so tired from pushing through all that dirt. And it's why they walk so slowly and are so hungry for brains. They're exhausted and starving after the whole rising from the dead process. If you had a zombie rising from, say, the morgue, instead of underground, he might be very energetic and erudite. And probably much less pissed off.