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words mean things

I don't understand the kerfuffle over the plethora of callipygian women walking through town. Sure, they've made some men commit acts of defenestration in regards to their brains, but I can see how an already flibbertigibbety guy would get discombobulated at the sight of these hoydenish women, especially when their shorts are so diaphanous in nature. It's not like most men are very persnickety when it comes to butts, anyhow. I mean, that's pretty indubitable (See, Biz Markie Sir Mix-A-Lot*). I suppose the preceding was superfluous, but there's a reason. I'm sure this link will be ubiquitous in no time at all.
* Oops. Got my one hit wonders mixed up.


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I'm pleased to say that the only word in the entire statement I did not know was "callipygian." Which I see to be a a thoroughly delightful word now that I've looked it up--and noticed that you have it misspelled. ;-)

I love words!

I prefer the alternate form, "callipygous." It roll off the tongue much more nicely. And it has long been one of my favorite words.

Veritably, it is due to the stentorian manner in which you profer this plethora of detritus (at 8:00 in the fricking morning) that precipitates this breviloquent note. Get down with your callipygian self. Yo.

Heh. "Defenestration."

I love that word.

As a long time fanny fancier I must advocate for callipygian women in diaphanous shorts.

BTW the above short sentence completely discombobulated my copy of ieSpell, the browser spell checker.

My alltime favorite word: discombobulate

eccch big words suck....

eschew obfuscation

I thought it was Sir Mix-a-Lot who made that observation.