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just because

Too tired to post anything else, and for some reason I found the answers to this quiz quite amuzing. I think I might have even taken this one already. Well, no matter. By the way, tomorrow I move on to Part 2 of the Great Cartoon Debate where I will pay homage to Nickelodeon cartoons. So if you've got something to say about that, say it.


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Nick is a fave with me and my 7 yr old.Of course,Sponge Bob rules(Patrick is my personal Fave).

At the thought of a deep discussion of Nick cartoons, he inexplicably tried to stick his head in the garbage disposal to avoid the issue...

Personally, I think Ren & Stimpy is pure genius. Characters like Muddy Mudskipper and Mr. Horse are just twisted enough for my liking. Not to mention the great quotes:
"The shiny red candy-like button!"
"Forty-seven million dollars? I'm the cat! I'm the stupid cat!"
"You stupid bloated idiot!"
If there is an old episode on, you can hear me laughing throughout the entire house.

and Log! Don't ever forget log!

It's looog, it's looog, its big its heavy its wood! It's loog, its loog, its better than bad its good!

who can ever forget Rocko's modern life? Rocko, Philbert, Heffer & especially Mr. & Mrs. Bighead?

We're a Cartoon Network family; other than Spongebob, it's been a long time since I've seen anything on Nick that turned me on. Although I freely admit I might well be missing something.

Cosmo and Wanda live in a bowl in my dining room... nuff said

Ren and Stimpy still rule. I remember seeing the first cartoon (about the dog pound) in a film festival and falling off my seat laughing. The "Happy Helment" episode is my favourite cartoon of all time.

Zim the Invader. "First, we test for absorbency." I cannot wait for the second DVD in August. So wonderfully completely twisted. I want more.

Never watched Spongebob.

Speaking of Zim the Invader, some clips of the music can be found for free at Kevin Manthei productions. There's a lot of good clips on the site, as well as an introduction by Zim.