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I uploaded a few pictures from DJ's All-Star game to the gallery, if you're interested in that sort of thing. My favorite: I'm also partial to this one, which was purely accidental. Gallery Also, my contribution to this week's PhotoFriday (theme: journey) can be found here. Congrats to Alan, who was one of the winners of last week's theme, with this gorgeous photo.


Your nephew is adorable. It just makes my day whenever you post pictures of him.

Is that a building in the background of the picture? What is it?

Patrick, that is the EAB Plaza in Uniondale, NY (though it's technically East Meadow). You can see a better picture of it at the gallery.

Actually, that's the Traveler's Insurance building. The EAB Plaza building is behind it.

re: accidental pic
caption:"i see dead people"

The building looks very brutal.