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one lump or two?

[I put this post from earlier today on top because I'm sorry I even gave those moonbats attention. The state funeral for Reagan was a beautiful, moving service and I'd like to just leave it at that. I don't want to delete the protester post because of all the commenting going on, but I don't want it up top, either.] I'm expanding on the WB/Disney thing, as way too many people are chiming in on both the comments and in email to make the case for their favorite cartoons which fall into neither stated category. So here's your chance to plug your favorites and get them included in what is going to turn out to be a very lengthy post on the subject. Meanwhile, I should say that I am not firmly entrenched in any cartoon camp. They all have their moments. While I prefer WB over Disney today, there were plenty of Disney cartoons back in my childhood that I absolutely loved. Below, two of my favorite cartoon moments, one from Disney, one from WB:
motormania.jpg The first documented case of road rage. CC1191-Rabbits-Kin.jpg Tea gives me a headache


LOL....I love that WB bit.

The lion is one of my favorite voices to imitate.

Pete Puma is the patron saint of morons the world over.

"Gimme a lotta lumps, a whooooole lotta lumps!"

Michele, I always thought you were brilliant. But the fact that you agree with me on Pete Puma makes me certain of that fact.

Pete Puma and Gossamer - two of the greatet WB characters ever.

Like just about everyone else, I prefer WB over Disney, mainly for the humor aspect.

Besides the "Sam and Ralph" (sheepdog and wolf) and the "Abominable Snowman" ("but I can't say Sylvester, George") episodes, one of my absolute favorite WB cartoons is the one where the 2 mice remake the living room to look upside down while the cat is sleeping. The first time I saw it when I was much younger, I was literally ROFLMBO watching the cat wake up and try to get down from the ceiling by jumping.

As far as Disney, tho, I can think of one fairly recent movie which had almost the same kind of humor as WB and made me laugh out loud several times: "The Emperor's New Groove."

"I'm so wooooorrrrriieeed about him."

TV (Harry)

It was mentioned in the other thread, but Feed the Kitty is my all time favourite. I was so happy it was on the box set.

...The difficulty is that you're passing up a studio that routinely was funnier than Disney, and on occasion even beat WB - MGM.For proof, get a copy of 'Ventriloquist Cat'..and I defy you to keep from completely losing it.