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I'm going to try to get the WB/Disney piece up today, but it might have to wait until tomorrow. [And, due to some demand, will also include references to HB cartoons and others] I'd like to take my time with it, and today will be spent in a combination of watching the funeral, attending DJ's field day and laying down the new floor in the living room. We'll see how much ambition I lose as the day goes on. Here's a treat for you, via Stephen Green: Get the script here, from David Schneider Joseph. Also, Ben Shapiro's book is getting a lot of notice these days. I'm not sure I like the tone of this article, but congrats on the success, Ben. Also, to anyone patiently waiting for a return email from me, or for me to link/post something I said I would recently: Our computers are not hooked up as we renovate around here and I only have the laptop going for now. As all of my mail before this week is downloaded onto the drive of my Vaio, it is unavailable to me. If you sent me something that deserved a quick response or some action taken on my part, please resend it so I can have it on this comp. And: very good discussion here on the missile engines found in Jordan this week.


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Sovereignty, teehee. Why don't, on July 1, come up with a list of just WHAT the Iraqi's are actually in charge of? That might be usefull.