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Am I the only one who is nervous about Friday? All those people gathered in one place, on the 11th of the month... I really should stop talking to the paranoia people here at work. Still. They closed our building on Friday for the day of mourning. I was going to take off anyhow. I just feel it's necessary to watch the funeral. It's respect. We bought a flag for the new house this week and immediately flew it at half-staff. It's nice to see that not only does every house on my new block have a flag outside, but they are all at half-staff as well. I guess that Bush/Cheney lawn sign we put out won't be causing too many problems, then. Anyhow, it's liquid lunch day again. One giant Bloody Mary coming up, with a side of paranoia.


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You're not the only one nervous about Friday. I'm surprised that the media isn't talking about it more.

All of our eggs in one basket, plus some other people's eggs thrown in for good measure ....

There's no need to worry. Just get the calls to prayer from your local mosque translated.

If they're calling out for volunteers, explosives, and spare ammunition it might be time to talk to the local zoning board.

Today is just as big - ceremony for dignitaries in the capital.

Are you implying that Democrats wouldn't have flags -- or fly them at half staff for a Presidents death?

Not saying Democrats wouldn't have flags, they just wouldn't be American. Or in the alternative, if they are American, they're ablaze.

Good point - this Democrat's flag IS flying outside my house, in Reagan's honor.

You should listen to the paranoia people there at work. because it's not paranoia if someone really is out to get you. And Islamic Extremists ARE out to get us.

I'm not saying you have to be paranoid yourself. Just careful. My family and I will be utilizing air travel a couple times this summer. We aren't changing our travel plans because of the threat of terrorism. But when it comes to this friday, I'll prefer to show my respect and admiration for President Reagan from the comfort and safety of my living room.

Honestly I didn't even think about it until I read your post. My boy is in Europe right now and I had been worrying more about the latest Al Qaeda threats to Western airliners. I have been basically surviving by praying for his safe return.

I can't take work off on Friday but I will definitely be listening to my AM shows which I am sure will have full coverage.

I don't think there's much to worry about, at least for anything large scale. While it might be hard to stop one man with a gun (or home made bomb) It takes time to organize anything coherent and there hasn't been much notice.

While the event it self was planned in advance (only common sense when dealing with a gentleman in his 90's and in poor health) the exact date was the only variable and the time frame is still extremely short. I'm sure Washington D.C. security level is always pretty high, so I wouldn't worry any more than you normally would.

Nope, never gave it a thought.

Talk about movitating the country. Are they really that stupid?

I'll let you know if I hear anything - I'm a block from the White House. They would have to of already had the operative on the ground in the country, fullyy supplied, to do anything major on Friday.

Not that they don't but I think the odds are in our favor.

Gee! I never even gave that a thought. You people sure are on your toes. I hope someone who needs to think of this, reads your site. Raise the alert color...to real HIGH.

Our company will not be closing on Friday. Blah on them. Does anyone know if the private sector closed for any of the "Day of Mourning" we have had in the past?

And as far as Friday. Nothing is going to happen. You heard it first.

Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

VHMP has some sense. Jews have known this for millennia.

By the way, until there is a Muslim Civil War, we have to conclude that there is unanimous agreement that we non-Muslims have a Koranic choice of conversion, a Nick Berg-like death or dhimmitude.

Or pounding them mercilessly until we hear the words "unconditional surrender".

Only then will we be safe.

Shhhh! Stop that! You're making my stomach do flip-flops worse than Ketchup Boy's waffles!

I've had the willies about it for week, even before the funeral. I was thinking about the sequence. 9/11. 3/11. 6/11. And it's a Friday, too. I know that using numerology is not logical, but I think we've noticed that we are not dealing with logical people here, and they do seem to have a pash for significant dates...

FYI, Michele: you do know that the proper protocol is to quickly hoist the flag to full-staff and THEN more slowly lower it, not just only raise it halfway?

Dave, my brother-in-law, who was installing the flag and knows everything about anything, informed us as to the protocol, so we did it right.


I learned that in Girl Scouts. Also the ritual of lowering it, how to fold it, how to store it.

BTW... the California Judiciary has decided NOT to take the day off..I just got the memo downstream... even as Gov. Arnold has declared a day of rememberance and all non-emergency State Offices closed. My county is also closing their offices..as a DA employee I'm a county employee BUT also must work while the courts (state) are open. I'm going to have to either tape the ceremonies or slip into our children's room and watch the TV.

My flag has been out each day this week. I loved Reagan as both my governor and then as my President.

The June 10th elections in London on Thurs. I'm worried about. Have you seen this video (25.27 KB)Stay Muslim, don't vote, of an anti-voting procession on the site of

Al Muhajiroun?

If there are only naughty muslims and Kufr at the polls, then it's probably ok with Alllah to set of the nail bombs.

it briefly passed through my mind, and then I forgot until Michele brought it up (gee, thanks...). However, you can bet that if there's sufficient security at any gathering this summer, this one will have it.

I have to add myself to Laura Z.'s list of folks worried about threats to American airliners. My folks are in the UK for a short trip, and I breathed a sigh of relief this midmorning when I figured that since I hadn't heard anything, their plane had been landed, safely, for a few hours. (I'll be a lot happier once they're safely back on American soil, however).

my campus has declared Friday a "day of mourning and remembrance" and ordered offices closed. Interestingly, however, a sports event on campus is NOT being cancelled...

I don't know, I suppose I'll watch some of the coverage of the funeral, at least Bush's eulogy. Still, televised funerals sort of creep me out - the cameras C-SPAN had trained on the mourners filing past the casket creeped me out. I don't like being a voyeur to people's displays of grief, which I feel should be allowed to be private. If I had been able to go and file past the casket, I'm not sure I'd have wanted my face - with the tears running down it, and the runny nose I get whenever I cry - displayed on tvs all across the country.

oh, shit.

my parents are going to be in London on June 10. I had forgotten the elections were that day.

Well, you can bet who's going to be praying hard that if any Islamofascists have a plot going, it gets found out and caught ahead of time.

Not a flag in my neighborhood at all. Even the marine who just got home from Iraq isn't flying one.

I would attribute it to the rain. The Marine almost always has one flying. At least they did while he was in Iraq. Since then I'm not sure I've seen it out.

Well the Forth of July is coming. Usually then every house in the area has at least two.

I'm sure that the COG, Continuity of Government Plan has been implemented and certain members of government are at "alternate locations".

It is not just California that is not declaring a State holiday - here in Mississippi, with a powerful Republican as Governor, there has been no declaration of a shutting down of State Government.


Gov. Schwarzenegger has declared a Day of Remembrance in honor of President Reagan. However, the caveat is that non-essential State Government offices will close..many counties have followed suit. The judiciary has decided that this does not cover them, and it will be business as usual.

My company has decided to take a day off, but I really have some work to get done. I will probably go in anyway.

Darleen, if that's true then Chief Justice George should be ashamed of himself: keeping the California courts open in the face of a gubernatorial proclamation of mourning essentially amounts to spitting on Reagan's grave, though I'm sure the public excuse will consist of some weasel-words about public access to justice rather than having the balls to just say they didn't like him. This is particularly reprehensible given that Ron George owes his first judicial appointment to Reagan.

Ken, I work for the State of Florida and there's been no suggestion of a state holiday here, nor have I heard of it in other states. The feds are mourning a president and California their former governor.

Sure I'm nervous. I have a dentist appointment Friday; I'm having a tooth pulled.