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rall-free zone (for now, anyhow)

Didn't watch him on Hannity and Colmes last night. I just refuse to give any more of my time to that cretin. Yes, I read his blog, read his new column and at this point, there is just no responding to him. He has become a parody of the left and whatever I can say to him or about him is pointless, as Rall and the people who hang on his every word are clinging to a world that exists only in their warped minds. It is not a world based in reality and I prefer to not visit there again. It literally hurts my head to read his crap and it kills my artistic sensibilities to look at his clunky cartoons. For all your Rall bashing needs, go here. Free Dirty Danny!


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There is no way one man and one site can truly fulfill the Rall-bashing needs of a planet. I'd have to be some kind of Superman... or at least some kind of Aquaman.

Ted Hates and hates and hates. He hates his dad, he hates himself. He is to be pittied. I pitty a man that has warped his own reality into a fettish for petty hate of others. A serial offender He will get himself in the end. Hate only destroys and if he believes one tenth of what he says then he will destroy his own dignity soon. Pitty him and pray for him. You never know.

Er, who's Ted Rall?

I couldn't stand him for more than a minute or so; I just had to change the channel. And det, he's SUCH a self-parodying caricature of a radical lefty nutcase that it's almost difficult to hate him, perhaps because it's difficult to belive he's real.

I've seen him interviewed before. He's seriously deranged. He kept referring to himself as a "centrist".

He doesn't do this stuff despite our outrage, he does it BECAUSE it outrages us.

I've gave up on Rall bashing quite some time ago. I don't mind kicking back with a coffee and watching everyone else pile on though.

I'd say that it is a feather in Rall's cap to dedicate a site to him. The best thing to do is turn him off and tune him out. He lives to annoy people that have the 'right' views and everytime we yell about his cartoons, we applaud him. Go away Rall you bother me.

He is either trying to yank our chains (in which case should be ignored), or he is genuinely insane (in which case he should be helped). I can't think of any other reason he why he would write some of the things he does.

The man is certifiable. On his little rant blog he is revelling in his hate mail. Most likely from people who might not even normally say "boo".

What a cretin. I can't even fathom how anyone could be so paranoid with delusion as to believe the things he says.

I won't fault him for reveling in his hate mail. I tend to do that, but usually I do it privately.

As for the rest, well, most people grow out of "LOOK AT ME, MA!" the first or second time they fall out of the tree.


That you are unaware of Ted Rall puts you in a gentler plane of existance than the rest of us.

You live in an alternate reality where everything else is the same, but there is no Ted Rall. This would be on my top five list of favorite Sliders episodes. We envy you.

Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. Do not ruin it. Just walk away, walk away...

I saw a repeat of the show at 1am (in Texas).I turned it on just in time to see Hannity bitch-slap Rall the Maggot. I mean, he really let him have it. Rall just sat there with this maggot-smirk on his face, but I could tell that it hurt. I thought for a moment that Hannity was going to choke the guy.
I slept well last night.

Lawrence -

Yeah, it's not entirely bad on it's face to revel in hate mail. I enjoy reading about some blog hate mail, but usually they are useful when done REALLY poorly. Generally, the hate mail is thoroughly fisked.

Ted, on the other hand, presents only a small portion of his hate mail that is either spelling or gramatically challenged, and generally a great deal of it is thoughtful and well written. And to that he offers no challenge. And there is a LOT of it.

There is some malicious, "I hope you die" sorts, but they are not the majority. I can see why some people do it, but in his case he just looks like an even bigger ass than usual.

DU has gotten that way for me too. I used to check in on the moonbats for quick laugh, now it just makes me sick...

Just got done reading the transcript of the Rall interview. On the contrary to conventional wisdom, I have no problem with giving him air time and doing just what Hannity did to him.

In fact, do it over and over and over. Unfortunately, this guy will not go away if he is "ignored", because he has too big a constituency (that is, dunderheads who agree with him) to let that happen. And, the guy is published by a syndicate, after all.

No, the best way to handle him is to heap abuse on his ideas and call him what he is. We may not convince him, but the impressionable who read him can take comfort in our swift and unending reactions.

Rall is funny though, and he has to be there, even if it makes you sick. Rush Limbaugh is funny in a different way and the lefties aren't calling for him to be pulled off the air.

the lefties aren't calling for him to be pulled off the air.

You forgot "anymore".

The few moments that I could take, I saw murder in Hannity's eyes.

I guess I'm fairly fortunate in the sense that the only time I've ever seen a Rall cartoon is when it was referenced in some blog for some lousy think he said. Not that I haven't been dealing with the tinfoil beanie brigade right along, mind you. Just not Ted Rall.

What I'm getting sick of is a genuinely funny guy like John Stewart wasting his time and talent pretending that he understands the issues of the day better than he does.

I could fisk his inaccuracies (such as a claim that the "torture memos" in the Dept. of Justice made any argument that torture was "efficient") but I just miss laughing at his wit, rather than failing to find anything funny in the shadow of it .


Unfortunately I cannot claim to live in that peaceful, alternate Rall-free reality you suggest I live in. (Wish I did!!) However, that does not stop me from trying by attempting to deny his existence in my thought and word and by 'playing blonde' at the mere mention of his name...

It works a little. :)