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Today's Required Reading

Sure to be linked by just about everyone. From Paul Wolfowitz in today's Opinion Journal: bq. After a suicide car bombing killed Iraqi Interim Governing Council President Izzedine Salim and eight others on May 17, one Iraqi put that act of terror into a larger perspective for those who wonder if democracy can work in Iraq. His name is Omar, one of the new Iraqi "bloggers," and he wrote on his Web log: "We cannot...protect every single person, including our leaders and the higher officials who make favorite targets for the terrorists--but we can make their attempts go in vain by making our leadership 'replaceable.' "

Exercising his newfound freedom of speech via the Internet, Omar addressed what he sees as the terrorists' fundamental misunderstanding about where Iraq is going. Terrorists--whether Saddamists or foreigners--"think in the same way their dictator-masters do," failing to grasp that the idea of leadership by an indispensable strongman applies to totalitarian regimes--not democracies. When I want to read what is really going on in Iraq, when I want a good feel for the reality of how the majority of Iraqi people feel, I read Omar. When I want to offer people an alternative view to what the media is feeding them, I post Omar's words on Command Post. I'm glad Paul Wolfowitz chose to begin his article with that reference. We are paying attention to you, Omar. Good show. Read the rest of the piece for more on the plan for Iraq after June 30th. Addnedum: Read the first two comments for some clarification.


What makes you so sure Omar represents the majority?

I'm not, and perhaps "majority" was the wrong word to use. I certainly hope it is the majority, which is much different than stating that it is.

Michele, maybe your readers should form their own opinions of Omar by spending some time at his site, http://iraqthemodel.blogspot.com/. btw, the Wolfowitz article also contains an interesting quote from Zeyad, who posts at http://healingiraq.blogspot.com/. Both blogs are on my "daily" list, as are yours and Allah's. Personally, I feel like Wolfowitz should have included links to the posts he quoted to provide some context.

Bill, that's why I linked Omar's site twice in my post.

To read a blog from the other side of the coin in Baghdad check out "A Family in Baghdad". This family is unabashidly anti anything American. I used to read this blog and become furious. Then, the mother did two things; she said they also own an apartment in Amman and she posted photos of her home in Baghdad. It's quite a nice pad! So, me thinks they are a bit worried that the gravy train has stopped.

Sorry. I should have looked closer before I commented.