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More Reagan

Steve H. dispels the myths about Reagan and AIDS. Deroy Murdock has more. Andrew Sullivan: just keep reading and scrolling. Lileks, of course. Robert Stewart on what Reagan meant to him.[login: commandpost25/command] I just realized that this post from this morning was post number 7,000. Man, that's a lot of typing (and that's not including my pre-domain posts).


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I am happy to say that Ronald Reagan was my President. And he always will be...Here is an excellent collection of what people have to say about President Ronald Reagan; Citizen Smash, Vodka Pundit, Hobbs Online, Freedom of Thought, Outside the Beltwa... [Read More]


I'm sorry, but Sullivan is in denial. It's almost sickening to see the way he rewrites history.


Kerry shows the DUmmies how its done:


“Yesterday, we lost one of our greatest optimists,” Kerry said in remarks prepared for delivery at the Bedford High School graduation. “President Reagan’s belief in America was infectious. And because of the way he led, he taught us that there was a difference between strong beliefs and bitter partisanship.” "

What Reagan Means to me,

You are pathetic.

Check Slate for Hitchens, too.


Has Hitchens EVER written an obit that was admirable about anyone? He basically spit on the graves of Mother Theresa and Bob Hope. Now he adds Reagan to his list. It is not surprising.

Congrats on the 7000 posts. I'm in awe. I hit 1000 in the past few days and thought I was doing good :-) You have quantity AND quality.

What Dennis Kucinich had to say (of all people):

"More than any president in modern times, he understood the essential optimism of the American people. He evoked it and exemplified it. His passing at this troubling hour in our national experience therefore is exceedingly sad and leaves a great void." _ U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Cleveland.

I was never a fan of Ronald Reagan's policies, but my opinion of him has softened greatly in light of everything that's happened since he left office. Our politics is now so spiteful and corrosive on both sides, the amiability of Reagan and his extraordinary ability to forge friendships with apparent political enemies like Mikhail Gorbachev and Tip O'Neill seems far more impressive now than it did at the time. Any enmity I felt toward the man vanished long ago.


Howard Veit has this post up and very informative.

How Ronald Reagan Cleaned the Communists from the Screen Actors Guild and effectively ended the Communist Party in Hollywood.

Howard was there.

Steve H's comments are a bundle of lies and factual errors, wrapped in homophobic victim-blaming. Shame on you for spreading it.

Calling AIDS "an epidemic of people hitting themselves in the face with a hammer?" I don't know whether he hates ALL sex or just gay sex---but either way, he's a hateful twit.

Oh Don, shut up. You're such a silly man, and you don't even refute anything Steve H. says. You merely say "It's all lies 'cos he's a hater!"

Please. Once it became known that AIDS was transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids there was one sure-fire way for most people to avoid catching it, but Thor forbid anyone give up one little smidgen of pleasure even in exchange for their health. Big Daddy "Government" was supposed to instead pull a cure out of the hat so the Better-Dead-Than-Unboinked crowd could go on humping each other. But boohoo, AIDS was not a simple disease with a simple cure, any more than cancer is. But it's a whole lot easier not to get.

That's what Steve meant; he didn't literally mean people went around smashing themselves with hammers or whatever your damage is.


Maybe I missed it when I read it, but where did Steve say he hates sex?

If I speak out about drunk drivers who try to duck the responsibility for being held legally accountable ("the breathilizer was wrong!" "my BAC level was high because of the perservatives in the blood vial!" "the cop just had it in for me and lied!") does that mean I'm a modern day Carrie Nation out to smash all demon rum joints?

From the state of medicine at the time, which had little grasp on viruses, to how AIDS..as a syndrome that was expressed in a myriad of ways among the afflicted ... to the soon move of many in making AIDS not a case for serious medical steps but a political litmus test used as a cudgel against anyone that wished to treat it no differently than any other infectuous disease, it is easily demonstrated that the "blame Reagan for the deaths of gays" has little basis in fact, but a great exercise in political deflection.

Just read on a UK website linked by Drudge that Morrissey announced Reagan's death onstage during a concert in Dublin. The asshats in the crowd cheered.

Moz went on to say he wished that George W. Bush had died instead. Louder cheering ensued. Bastards.

I will always HATE Reagan! Ever sense I can remember I wanted to be in the soviet Union. Even as a little kid I wanted to be part of that wonderfull collective society. Everyone helping each other and nobody in compitition. Then that moron cowboy and his corporate masters ruined it! They turned a virtually perfect progressive, communist country to just one more capitlist, rascist shitpile filled with flag waving yahoos! as if theres not enough of that bullshit in US.

Fuck him! Fuck them all!

Mr. Myers pulled the same berzerker shit in my own comments. He obviously has a lot of growing up to do.

Prior to everyone becoming aware of how AIDS was spread you could claim innocence. But by the late '80s, everyone knew and understood, and countless people continued to indulge in high-risk behavior anyway. Indeed, the saddest, most horrible thing of all was when I learned that in certain parts of the country becoming HIV+ and "on the cocktail" became a status symbol for young gay men in the mid to late '90s. It's horrifying, but true.

We know now that the #1 way to get AIDS is through unprotected anal sex with multiple partners, and #2 is intravenous drug use. Both are avoidable behaviors. While we might still sympathize with those who contract it--just as we might sympathize with smokers who develop lung cancer--there comes a point where one's sympathy is diminished. It diminishes even more in the case of people who knowingly indulge in risky behaviors and then infect partners who believe they are in a monogamous relationship with the risker.

Oh, but just saying all this makes me a hateful homophobe, right? Bleah.

Um Yeah,

Whatever. Fake troll.

Listening to Andrea and Dean parrot the neocon line reveals their number one rhetorical mistake: Their unshakeable faith in THE OFFICIAL DENIAL.

It frees them from the burden of reading the report from the Gay Men's Health Crisis, or examining Doctors Without Borders white paper on needle exchange programs, or even searching their own hearts for an ounce of compassion.

They just need an OFFICIAL DENIAL from their puppet masters at NRO to solidify their their position: "AIDS is your fault 'cuz you fuck."

Steve H. sets up his strawman in paragrah 2, and then spends the rest of his post dancing around his thesis: that the people how contract AIDS are to blame for the disease. THAT'S the part that is hateful.

Watching the intellectual lightweights nod their heads and mutter "that proves it alright" is merely distasteful.

Sean M: If you want any idea about Morrissey's opinion of the ol' U S of A, just Google for the lyrics to "America Is Not The World", from his newest album. He hates us so much, it's a bit scary.

I always loved the Smiths, so I'd actually considered spending some cash on his newer stuff, but I've gotta draw the line somewhere.


Hateful people pointing out what is a fact, does not change that it is a fact.

and I would add, I'm not calling Dean or anyone else hateful, they aren't. I'm trying to address your frustration..

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