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Ronald Reagan 1911-2004

[Fox News image] "I will only say let us all heed the words of an old Scotch ballad, `For those defeats that we've had so far, we are hurt; we are not slain. We'll lie us down and rest a bit, and then we'll fight again."' - Ronald Reagan, April 13, 1984. quote via Ed Moltzen Update: BFT has a blogger round up and a great story of his own. I prefer to remember Reagan as the man who helped tear down the wall. I was very pregnant with Natalie when the wall came down. When she was born in February, a friend gave me a baby scrapbook as a gift. Inside the scrapbook was the front page of the Daily News from the day the Berlin wall fell. The inscription underneath read: For Natalie, born under a great president. His presidency was not without its low points, but I choose to reflect upon the many good things that Reagan did while serving our country as president. The cold war was something that colored my entire childhood and youth. Reagan was responsible for my fear of the Russians fading into memory. Reagan defined the way I feel about the world today: peace through strength. I did not vote for Ronald Reagan in 1980. It was the first election I was eligible to vote in and I cast my vote in a very idealistic, anti-establishment way, in keeping with my 18 year old I Want To Change The World sensibilities. It wasn't until Reagan's second term that I came to appreciate the man he was. I'll have more later. Go check out the links at BFT. I put up a post called The Quotable Reagan over at TCP. Feel free to add your own, if you have them.


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Interesting how there is nothing on CBS and NBC about the passing of a past president.

But then again, the Leftists hated him, so I guess it isn't interesting.

Well, it's the lead item on both BBC news and The Guardian.

The DU is having a field day. And ABC radio news had a very good report, no snarkiness, no "controversial presidency" crap.

Well NPR did a good piece too. As usual, it is just a small group of a-holes.

Prepared to be outraged by Internet-vomit being spewed by many Leftists on the Web. Regan-hatred is even worse than Bush-hatred for these sick people.


Yeah, I'm a little upset with NBC's triple crown coverage right now -- at least put up a ticker with the announcement. (And you know I'm a liberal, but he was our PRESIDENT for crimeny's sake.) MSNBC is covering so you know that NBC News gurus have known for awhile. We're taking bets on whether or not a top anchor is on their way to the studios before they attempt to make a big announcement, being Brokaw is in France and all...

Anon, even (some) leftists can have respect for the office and the fact he served our country for two terms (and took a bullet for it as well). Please.

CBS and ABC pieces were actually well-balanced. You watch at his death, the press will finally give him credit for the great things he did (while still pointing out the negatives e.g. deficits and Iran/Contra)

robyn: I don't disagree. But none-the-less, there are people out there who can only spew hatred. Its simple, Regan hated genocidal communism, and they loved genocidal communsim, so they hated him. That doesn't mean ALL liberals or left-of-center. But prepare to see some of this.

I was going to put my two cents worth over on DU even though it might have gotten be banned for life( like I care) but you have to get the administrator to set you up an account. What happened to freedom of speech? Guess that is something that is controlled over there.

"Reagan was responsible for my fear of the Russians fading into memory."

Same here Michele. Same here.

NBC's bit on him after the horse race was pretty good. Yeah, they had to throw in the "Regardless of what you thought of him..." before every bit of praise. I was impressed with Brokaw's sincere and unapologetic praise of Mrs. Reagan.

As I've said on several blogs already, I hope Bush's last line of his acceptance speech is "Now, let's win won for the Gipper."

I'll give the media a break for a bit while they get their thoughts together. If the venom or stupidity flows tomorrow, we'll have an issue.

RIP, Mr. President. You looked like my grandpa and made me feel safe. You'll be missed.

The Great Communicator has been missed since he left the political scene, but he will always be remembered...RIP Mr. Reagan, the 40th president of these United States.

I am so sad. He was my idol and my leader into the right right.

"His presidency was not without its low points, but I choose to reflect upon the many good things that Reagan did while serving our country as president."

Well said. I did not put up a rememberance or honorific article. Too many others are already doing it. But few have said so clearly why we probably should wait a few days before bashing the image. And bash they will won't they.

It is truly difficult to convey to anyone who does not remember 1980 what Ronald Reagan meant. He truly changed the world for the better by changing the way Americans, and many others throughout the world, thought of themselves. Until today he was the greatest living American. I expected this death to happen soon, but even with this expectation, and knowing that he was suffering from a terrible disease, I am surprised at my sadness.

In paradisum deducant te Angeli:
in tuo adventu suscipiant te Martyes,

et perducant te in civitatem sanctum
Jerusalem. Chorus Angelorum te suspicant,

et cum Lazaro quondam paupere aeterum
habeas requiem.

Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine:
et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Requiescant in Pace.

Doh! Win ONE for the gipper!

I did not vote for Ronald Reagan in 1980. It was the first election I was eligible to vote in and I cast my vote in a very idealistic, anti-establishment way...

Did you vote for Anderson too?

I've been perusing some of the liberal blogs and MY GOD these people have absolutely NO class. His body's not even freakin' cold and they're bashing the hell out of the guy. I can almost smell the hatred coming out of my goddamned monitor.

And these demented people SERIOUSLY want others to share in their ideology and support their candidates? SERIOUSLY? Sorry, but I believe the good and decent people of this country have too much self-respect to be associated with such lowlifes.

Don't worry about it Dave, when Bubba and Evita go, I'm popping the champagne.

I take comfort in knowing no matter how good they think Bubba was as pres, when those Judiciary files open, hehehehehehe. Only 40-something years to go.

As Ronnie told Peanut during a 1980 debate, "There you go again."

And so the left is. And they're wrong. Again.

I fully expect the New York Times' obituary to point out how Bush will benefit from the former President's death, as it helps Americans escape from the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal and the larger quagmire in Iraq.

One favorite RR quote that comes to mind: "Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first."

Dave, the good news is that their Reagan hatred reveals the lie that the Bush administration is something extraordinary. In fact, the Democrats have a fixed playbook running back to Nixon. Imply that the AG is a Nazi intent on ignoring all but the 2nd amendment. From Mitchell to Meese to Ashcroft, the pattern is the same.

My daugher was very young when the iron curtain fell. Being German-American, it touched me deeply to see the wall that seperated Germany being torn down by bare hands and pick-axes. It was on the news every night, and every night I would sit in front of the television with my daughter on my lap, tears streaming down my face. I'd say to her "Remember this day ... remember that you sat on your mama's lap in front of the t.v. and watched the wall come down. This is very important, so important that it will be put into school books." She is now 20 years old and she remembers seeing that wall come down. She says she's looking forward to the day her children come home from school and they tell her that they learned about the wall, so she can tell them that she remembers sitting on her mama's lap watching it happen on the t.v.

God Bless Ronald Reagan.

My gradual transformation to a truly conservative political philosophy took place under the Reagan administration. I too missed my opportunity to vote for Reagan, in both elections: in 1980 I voted for Anderson -- in retrospect, a naive and stupid thing to do -- and in 1984 I didn't even go to the polls...I can't remember why. I have regretted this ever since. Nevertheless, his leadership, and the hope that he brought to our nation after the wasteland of the Carter years, had a profound effect on me.

I will remember and thank God for Ronald Reagan chiefly for two things: 1) He was instrumental in revitalizing the American conservative movement and moving it out of the political backwater; 2) Most importantly of all, he was the man whose leadership and vision were most responsible for assuring that my children would not grow up, as I did, under the constant threat of total nuclear annihilation. I didn't obsess over it the way Maureen Dowd apparently did, but it was there nonetheless. In the end, the despots who threatened to bury us were themselves buried, and thrown "on the ash heap of history."

Godspeed, Dutch. Godspeed.

I hope all the memorials and testimonials will have a salutory effect on Bush.
"Hey...maybe I ought to be more like that guy."
We can't have Ronnie back, but if his memory could remind Bush what it means to be a real conservative, we could feel more confident about the future, and about defeating the new evil empire that has risen up.
I chose to become an American citizen because of Reagan...alas, too late to vote for him, thereby missing what wil probably be the one chance I will have in my lifetime to vote for a truly honest and decent politican.
Ave, Ronaldus Maximus!

Light them for days.

God Bless the last of Greatness.
God have mercy on the rest of us that have to remain here.

I was born in 1979. It is because of President Reagan that I did not have to grow up with the fear of the Russians. It is because of him that I was able to watch the first handshakes through a concrete wall in Germany. It is because of him that I live in the greatest nation ever founded on this earth. I fear that I will never again live in the time of a man as great as President Reagan. May God be with his family, and may God bless us with leaders half as great as he was.

President Reagan and his family can now rest after suffering a long and cruel affliction. He was truly a great American, and I hope that history will recognize the stride he took toward freedom for the whole world. May he rest in peace.

Yesterday was my birthday, as is my habit, I did not turn on the tv, radio or even my computer. I did not find out Dutch had passed until late yesterday, only about 40 miles from where I was with family, swimming and bbqing. Yet another event to mark my birthday (the Israeli 6 day, the assassination of Robert Kennedy) that I will always remember.

I turned 50 yesterday, and I have nothing but deep love for Ronald Reagan and abiding respect for him as a man, as my Governor and President. As all men, he was flawed and could/did make mistakes. However, nothing in makeup, nothing in his actions, ever bespoke meanness or callowness.
He had great respect for people as individuals and The People as the reason for government, not The People as servants TO government. IMHO this is why Reagan has always been deemed the Great Communicator, because he always talked to The People from the POV that he knew he was there to lead, but only at the pleasure of those he was elected by to serve.

I grew up during a time of drop-drills in school and when airraid sirens went off once a month to test the system just in case. The final collapse of the Soviet Union was very sweet and no amount of revisionism by the usual "all conservatives are evil and never do anything good" crowd can mask the fact that without Ronald Reagan, the Berlin Wall would stand today.

And has there ever been public couple that was so obviously in love and thoroughly devoted to each other like Ronnie and Nancy?

No, today I will try and avoid the sites like DU, which are relishing Dutch's death and capering with evil glee on his body before its even buried. I will remember a man who changed so much and was still always so humble and geniune.

Sometimes thereís God so quickly. And sometimes he takes his damn time.

Nixon, Reagan and Bush Jr. were the three principal stages in the utter destruction of the GOP ó its slide into corruption, false piety and insane public policy thatís done irreparable damage to the country and the world. And then thereís the little matter of ignoring AIDS for nearly the entire duration of his presidency, an act of cruelty unfathomable to even the Republicans of today.

So no, I donít feel like giving him the respectful treatment due a human being, like talking about his long painful illness and the handful of positive things he accomplished while in power. Fuck him. Hitlerís got a roommate now.




More of the truth:



Thanks for reminding me why I don't visit Kos' shit, oops, I mean site.



You are a very small, petty, nasty person. Is this the sum of your worth to humanity? Coming to a web site full of people who respect Reagan and trying (and failing) to piss in their cornflakes with your stupid comments?

Whatever you're trying, you've failed. I will not click on your links (not that you even know how to actually POST a link), and all you've done is provide even more evidence how the hard-core left in this country has been consumed by hate. Thanks.


Please, understand I say this with great sincerity and at a level you're sure to understand.