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Horsing Around

My sister is going to the Belmont Stakes today. I'm going to give her some money in the hopes I'll make some money. I don't follow the horses much, so any suggestions as to who to place my bets on? Besides the favorite, or course. Maybe if I hit the exacta with a long shot, I can redo the bathroom! ________ Alan has a great piece on Smarty Jones and a day of deliverance for Philadelphia.


Check out Feingold's comments "Exterminate Republicans," in the Village Voice.

Per Instapundit.

If you don't bet on Smartypants Jones, bet on a horse that can run on a muddy track.

Your sister is going to Belmont, and I'm going to...oh wait, it's a surprise.

Commenting live, on the road, in Atlanta, headed for points...?

I grew up near Belmont and never missed the stakes. Great race.

My picks for a Trifecta:
1. Smarty Jones
2. Purge
3. Rock Hard Ten

I "block" that pick, BTW. (In other words, bet all the permutations).

Side bet, Eddinton comes in fourth.

The only way you're likely to make a serious wad of money, without risking a wad, is to hit an exacta or trifecta that doesn't include Smarty Jones.

But for myself, I'm hoping Smarty can go the distance...

I put 5 on Rock hard ten! Never been to Belmont. The Kentucky Derby is as far as I got. By the way if you want to laugh, check out this parody site about Bill Clinton's Diary. Bill is sad because Chelsea slapped him.

Since Smarty is going off at 1-5, even if a 40-1 shot comes in second, all the of money being thrown on Jones will make it a lousy exacta.

The only way to make money in this race is go for a trifecta or a superfecta (first 4). You can do a $1 superfecta, play a few different horses for about $50 and if it hits, win around $200-$300.

Of course, it's always nice to throw a $2 dollar exacta box on the two long shots just for the hell of it.

What are you, your sister's pimp?

YOu got it all wrong, Rev. She's the pimp. I'm the ho.

At frickin' 1-5, I'll bet that the Place and Show bets will pay off higher than the Win bet for Smarty Jones.

Place on Purge

Show bets on Master David and the top long shots Caiman and Tap Dancer

Well, I was right about one thing the Place bet was almost definitely higher than the Win bet (Can't imagine if Smarty Jones would have won if it would have been higher than 2.20)

sopd rdr:

"Rock Hard Ten"?????

I think Michele just found her bet.

BTW, I'm guessing it's Smarty Jones and Purge for the exacta.

But the joker in me in hoping that Smarty's name is changed to "Binge"

Oh my God, I just realized how old I am. When Secretariat won in '73, it had been exactly 25 years since the Crown was won (Citation in '48). It has now been 26 years.

I feel as old as I did when I realized that Maris' record was older than Ruth's had been.

And yes, I remember Secretariat, and Seattle Slew, and Affirmed very well.

I suck.
I repeat, I suck.
The freakin' Belmont.
No calling that race.

Why the hell was i absent..