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From The Department of Slippery Slopes


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It makes you wonder what the hell Jack Valenti has been smoking.

What's wrong with mustard on hamburgers? It's nowhere as evil as ketchup on hotdogs.

Ok, I draw the line at hippies...

"lifting with the knees and not the back"...hahaha!!

The hippie thing at the end did it for me. I ain't watching it.

What's really gross is mayonnaise on hamburgers. Ick.

It's about time someone put an end to Pauley Shore's reign of terror.


(Actually, Coulrophobia is one of the most common phobias, and wouldn't be surprised if this ISN'T a required warning in the future)

Doh! I meant "WOULD be surprised"

What about "Warning: May Contain Michael Moore"?

Not hippies!

Isn't Jack Valenti actually the voice of reason on this one (hard as that may be to believe)?

Ian, can anything really "contain" Michael Moore?

SeanE, good point about MM.

Still no warnings for ice chewing. The Concerned Registry of American Concerned and Knowlegable Endodontists and Dentists is far too powerful a lobby.

Y'all made it all the way to hippies? I bailed out at Pauly Shore. Girl's gotta have some standards...

Mmmmmm. Ketchup and mayo on hotdogs....

Whatever happened to Pauly Shore?

I had to read that three times....

>The consuming of the dead, roasted animals,<

I thought to myself, twice no less, " The 'consuming of the dead??' And what does it mean 'roasted animals'??

It did occur to me on the third pass.
I needs a drink....

Mustard on hamburgers is definately far more evil than ketchup on hot dogs, which is simply the natural evolution of things.

I wonder if it would be wrong to depict Rob Reiner in a lighthearted comedy knifing someone for lighting up?

Oh yeah and the smoker looks like Rumsfeld.

Isn't it delicious to see Hollywood activism turning in on itself? Kinda like watching the neighborhood bully get his butt kicked by his big brother.

I have a mental filter that allows me to ignore any warning other than "Kathy Bates naked again."

Stupid About Schmidt.

Good Godfrey! Did anyone see "Ike" on Monday? There wasn't a scene where they weren't smoking! Eisenhower was putting away two packs a day while wrestling with Monty, weather and predictions that 70% of the paratroopers would perish upon landing (not to mention DeGaulle, who confirms the French were never our ally in WWII.. damn, if I had been Ike, I wouldn't have lit up another cigarette, I would have pulled my sidearm and shot the French schmuck ....but I digress). I guess that movie should have been an NC17!

Does anyone else remember the story about the textbook publisher that was airbrushing the photos of FDR to remove his famous cigarette in the long holder????

Save us from the health mullahs!

I noticed that as well. Poor Tom, if he didn't smoke before going through a pack or two on unfiltereds must have been hell. A scene I felt guilty pleasure watching was when Monty(whom had early been made fun of for not having vices) had to leave the room from all the smoking going on.

"Whatever happened to Pauly Shore?"

He is apparently still "acting".


Too bad, this one didn't work out


Hippies make a fine addition to any movie, as long as they are being devoured by monsters or beaten by Hell's Angels.

cue DMM's "the thing that only eats hippies"

The James Dean stamp was airbrushed to remove his cigarette, if memory serves.

Darleen - Gotta face facts- smoking helped the US win the war. Inhaled nicotine focuses the mind, steadies the nerves, staves off fatigue, hunger and pain, among other benefits. No generation ever needed to smoke more.

I hate it, won't do it, won't go where it is, won't be around people who stink of it. But you gotta give cigs their props for helping make the world safe for democracy.

I'm in the "ketchup on dogs is wrong" camp.


Scratch that one off.

mbruce- but mayo is wronger.

Always put ketchup on dogs. Used to use mayo, too. Sometimes even peanut butter, Worchester sauce and spray-bottle butter...

Oh, and I read that as "the consuming of the dead" followed by "roasted animals" the first time too...

(He eats, shoots and leaves...)


Any Pauley Shore movie where he mentions the weasel?

You had me at "brief nudity".


I, too, loved that scene where Monty got Ike to not smoke in his headquarters...but couldn't say a thing when Prince Philip sat down and lit up and Churchill started with his cigar.

and I'm a nonsmoker ..as in never have. Funny, given I grew up in a time when just about everyone smoked (including my parents and sister..they've all since quit years ago).


I hadn't thought about it like that, but you're right!

...other things...

I not only like ketchup on my hot dogs, but sweet pickle relish. I'll only have mustard when the dog is piled with saurkraut... mmmm!

If they could, I'm sure the ACLU would require warnings on any film with positive portrayls of Christians and/or Jews, especially if they are wearing any religious symbols.

I also dug the scene where the King lights up and just about everyone else lights up as well. It's hard to imagine something like that happening at a military briefing today.

Ketchup on hot dogs is pure evil.

Oh, and darleen, didja hear that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors knuckled under to the ACLU today and removed a teensy image of a cross from the county seal? Thank you, brave ACLU, for liberating us from the theocracy that was LA County!

ok, so it's the warning before Animal House. No big deal..


I cannot begin to tell you the murderous daydreams I'm having about the ACLU in their latest liberal fascist anti-Christian Bowdlerization of any public display or acknowledgement of America's religious history and traditions. Good Lord, Los Angeles was founded as El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula (The River of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of Porciuncula). I don't think ACLU will be satisfied until the city's NAME is changed to Elay. Then they'll demand changing all of California's "saint" names... San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, San Jose, San Gabriel, San Juan Capistrano (probably want the mission there to be stripped of all religious icons and converted into a mass transit station).


Mustard on hamburgers is okay, as long as it is a coarse Dusseldorf style mustard. I understand that in some parts of the country, ketchup is actually served on hotdogs, but in Chicago, the only way to get the stuff is to also order fries, in which case you get little packets which can be diverted by the uncivilized.

As for the consumption of dead animals, that is exactly how we discuss dinner in the grocery store. Loudly enough for others to hear.