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Ask Command Post!

From over at TCP: bq. We Do Requests
We were asked in an email today: Yours and Michele's creation has introduced a lot of people to the world of Blogging. I was wondering if y'all might ever have the patience to sit through a "Ask the Command Post" Thread. We do. And while we normally avoid this kind of thing, if you really DO have questions we (probably) have answers. We’re doing this on the Op-Ed page … so go there to learn more and ask that burning question. (Like, for example, "Is Michele hot?" She is, by the way.) Alan has never met me, so ignore that last statement, which I resent, by the way. No, no I don't. Not at all. I'm really shallow like that. Anyhow, if you've had a question about TCP that's been burning a hole in your keyboard, now is the time to fire away. [On a completely off topic note, has anyone else noticed weirdness with Extreme Tracking? On all my sites, for the past two weeks, ET has been running about 2,000 hits or more below Sitemeter's stats. They are usually pretty comparable. At first I thought you were all deserting me and I was going to switch deodorant, but now I'm hoping it's just a wonky ET thing. Oh, and keep your fingers crossed for me that by the time I get home from work, the cable guy will have come and gone and my modem will be happily blinking.]


Oh, good! I thought it was just my site. Nice to know it's Extreme Tracking.

Er... I can't even imagine what my site stats would be if they were running 2000 below normal. Would that mean that my content would be exporting itself to other blogs?

You don't want it blinking, blinking means it isn't working. You want it happily glowing its green glow of satisfied interconnectedness to everything.

Phew, glad someone else was noticing it too. Good luck on the cable thing as well.

I think it's because ET only counts hits to the front page. I know my own site draws in a lot of traffic to individual entries or categories, both through external links and search engines. If you have SiteMeter on all your individual pages, you'll get SiteMeter credit but ET will only track the front page.

You ARE hot.

Having met Michele, I can attest to the fact that, yes, she's hot!

In one of life's little ironies, my Sitemeter rolled over a major milestone in total traffic, yet my weekly report in email from SM informed me I had zero (0) hits that week.