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movie quote of the day

[quotes always taken from here] "Well... it sure ain't "Ozzie and Harriet." And now, the visual, courtesy of reader Kieran:
[click for the enermous size which is now my desktop] Or perhaps you prefer this visual, from reader Ellen: demon_house.jpg Thank you both for the lovely Photoshops. I noticed something strange at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday. The latest in kitchen decor seems to be dressing the room up in cocks. Which led to some fun conversation between my husband and myself in both those stores. Honey, what about this lovely cock to hang on the wall? Oh, wouldn't you just love to drink the milk that pours out of this cock? We are easily amused, as well as Beavis and Butthead juveniles.


"It sure ain't Ozzie and Harriet" is spoken by Hi in RAISING ARIZONA just after his wife says "This ain't family life!" as they are speeding away from a failed armed robbery, and just before he scoops up a package of Huggies dropped earlier on the highway.

I love that movie.

Random movie quotes.

...For $800, Alex.

I like the second picture. Does Carl live next door?

That would be here, Sean.

Friggin' awesome!!!

oh dear god.

More! More! More!

Oh, if only my photoshop worked...hmm...the one at the office might...hehehe