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All Star!

DJ made the All-Star team. We are quite excited in the Catalano household tonight. I just know that you are as well. Thanks to everyone who showed interest in his baseball exploits this season. And now, the playoffs.


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Congrats proud mama! :)

Michele, as a former Little Leaguer (and later a coach after I finally grew up), my sincere congratulations and best wishes to DJ in the play-offs.

Congrats! How exciting!! Best of luck!

Way to go DJ!

Wicked cool!

"I represent certain organizations that would like to have your bird turning it at third."

rock, kid. Just grab the ball and rock.

we got scouts crawling all over ...
can I be a shill?

Ah ya. Future Red Sox killa.

Great pic! Congratulations, DJ!

BTW... Daughter got word today..She's Drum Major for her high school band 04-05 (her senior year!).

Ain't being a parent a blast??!!

Congrats! My son is only in t-ball, so I don't think there's an all-star team, but I hope he makes it when he gets old enogh.

You probably know this, but if you stick the lens through the fence, you can get some really good photos on the diamond. Of course, you'll look sort of dumb standing up there against the fence, but, hey, anything for the shot, right? ;-)

Well, if that doesn't earn a Dairy Queen (or I guess a Carvel in your area), then I don't know what does. And to quote Montgomery Burns..."Eggscellent".

When my daughter, Julianne, became a serious fast-ball softball player my whole perspective of sports changed. The emotions of having your kid on the field puts a whole new dimension to sport. Last year she rallied her team against arguably the best high-school softball pitcher in the nation to win the state championships for New Hampshire.

Looks like your road-trips with DJ are going to bring you a lot of excitement.


I would have been surprised if he hadn't made it! Congratulations! (Just when you thought the season was over and those holes burned in your mouth by over-consumption of sunflower seeds could start to heal.....)

Congratulations DJ! Play your heart out son.

Go DJ...Go DJ...Go DJ..Go DJ

wait..cabbage patching ain't cool..is it?

Anyway..Congrats to ya DJ

Congrats DJ

DJ, remember the basics and pay attention to what the coach says, and you'll do fine.

BTW, good on you.

Michele, remember to eat the day of the game. No matter how excited you get. DJ don't need you faintin' from hunger.

And good on you (and the dad creature) for raising a fine boy.

woohoo! way to go, DJ!!

Congrats! Some of the most fun I ever had in my life was winning two Little League championships and the All-Star games both years. It's great to see a family having fun with the game...

Big Time Congrats to you DJ, and your proud family!

Tell him good luck. I remember the year I made the All-Star team... made up for years of playing "Bad News Bears" style ball. Should be fun.

Go, DJ! Go, DJ! Go, DJ, go!

(and warm fuzzies to the rest of the family as well)

Yay, DJ! Way to go, kiddo!

oh man, the pic of all-star DJ is seriously bringing back some super-fond memories of the baseball years... tell him to enjoy it, it's way hard to get a game together after high school - I never really realized that school was the last time I was going to be able to play real baseball (softball in the park only half-counts) until it was totally too late. or maybe he'll go pro and take over for A-Rod in ten years... I gotta get me a son!