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The First Decor of the New House

Brought to you by Chuck
Update: My house is number one in the hood, G!


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Oh, fine. After Kate and I are all nice to you and stuff.

Ah, well. At least they're suckin in first place. And they have a long way to go before they suck as bad as JETER!

Congrats on finally having a place to hang your foul propaganda, doo-doo head. MWAH!

I thought it would take longer before a troll found your house and desecrated it.

Man, I just can't believe the things that some wacko Yankees fans will do. Don't those people know how to act civil? I am sure that we can take up a collection to help repaint your new house.

I have a color scheme in mind already....

the proper phrasing is "RED SOX SUCK."
other than that, Spiffy!

well, it's homey.

Okay, we've established that they suck. Do they swallow?

If it wasn't for the Sox, the Yanks would have to face an AL East opponent that WOULDN'T always choke. Then they wouldn't be able to win so much.

You should be thanking us!

Red Sox Fan

Yawning as I look down at the Yankees in the standings.