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The Last Word on the Whore Story

Is here. Ace tries to follow the Washingtonienne way to fame. bq. And so we began walking to an alley behind the store. He began pulling the rings off his fingers. "Just for safety's sake," he told me. What the hell did that mean? Read it. Don't be drinking anything.


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"The Nasty Adolf"

That has to be the funniest thing I've read in a month or two!

comedy gold.

THAT is absolutely fucking priceless. Now, if only I could believe this really was the last word on this stupid story.

You've come along way baby.

That was damn funny.

this boggles the mind. and a boggled mind is of absolutely no use to anyone.

Superb ... I hope he does get a book deal. I'd actually read that.

Well... you did warn me...

mops monitor

"Well, it wasn't fucking Binaca, I'll tell you that. Binaca's taste is like a fresh Spring breeze wafting through peppermint plants. This was more like a facefull of searing liquid holocaust."

Comedy Gold.

Are her 15 minutes up yet? Please?

great blog thanks

I've been having nightmares for the past week about that "Just for safety's sake" line. At least I hope they were nightmares, and not flashbacks....