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AP- (New York) Former Vice-President Albert Gore (inset) speaks to enthralled members of the centrist, voter awareness group, MoveOn.org... [Read More]

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The Big Woodenheaded Sub-Genius has really outdone himself this time: George W. Bush promised us a foreign policy with humility. Instead, he has brought us humiliation in the eyes of the world. Yeah. I'm sure the sensible among us are incredibly w... [Read More]

» News Flash from Overtaken by Events
AP- (New York) Former Vice-President Albert Gore (inset) speaks to enthralled members of the centrist, voter awareness group, MoveOn.org... [Read More]

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I don't have the graphics together yet to make a proper presentation, but couldn't sit for long after hearing about a certain former politician's remarks today. So without further wait, the JunkYardBlog awards its first Golden Bombbelt Award. What do... [Read More]


You sure it's not "100% More Crazy"?

How about 50% less wooden? :)

Unbelievably, he out-Deaned Dean today.

Now even nuttier!

Lovely man. Let's make him President.

I'm cookoo for lefty stuff! Cookoo for lefty stuff!

"Now with more moonbats"

Those are the marshmallow bits, right? 'Cause I love those.

Mmmmm, moonbats.

The fact that that rabid lunatic was almost our president is truly, TRULY fucking frightening.

Too much non-digestible wood fiber in that cerial for me...

I like the demented expressions on the little cereal faces.

They look like they are screaming along with him.

Yeah, but is it organic?

I'm a reporter at a good sized newspaper in a big city we'll call New York, because, well that's its name.

anyhow, many of my colleagues are center-left dems. We had CNN or something on, it might've been NY1, I don't recall, and they were playing an extended clip of AG's speech.

AFter watching him demand numerous resignations et al, one colleague turned to another with a sigh and said: "I thought we were going to win this election."

Oh no
they say he's got to go
Go go Gorezilla!

Do you think that Gore can talk during the Convention? Maybe right before Kerry.

As a Republican, this is my greatest hope.


My absolute, favorite part of the MSNBC story on this today, was the last paragraph,

where they told us Gore served in Vietnam.

You cannot BUY this kind of entertainment folks, it just happens. If you're lucky enough to be there, it's a golden moment - treasure it!

Thanks to the miricle of CSPAN and my utter lack of a life, I just got to watch the GORE speech.

I don't know what part of the speech was the most frightening. The rant, the apology for his choice to respect the SCOTUS decision, the untrue scare sequence of Patriot Act horrors. The whole thing is makes me beg that this guy continues to speak till November.

I feel like I'm living in a zany political comedy written by Mel Brooks(no relation) or the Marx Brothers(not Karl and his brother). Gore(I refuse to call him former VP)has moved past "political operative" to "truly disturbed individual." It is bad enough when that supposedly decent nincompoop Jimmy Carter badmouths our country, its principles, the President,etc., but when a man who was within an eyelash of the Presidency a short 3.5 years ago completely exposes himself as a raving lunatic lacking self-control, a common-sense compass, and any concern for our fellow citizens serving in the military, one either has to laugh or go mad.

DBrooks: Why not laugh AND go mad? The only hope of avoiding the coming Global Superstorm is if CTHULHU EATS YOU FIRST! I! Fhtagn! MUA HAHAHAH HAAHAHAHAH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!11

Is it me, or is his hair looking more and more Perot-like? I wonder if Gore picked up some of that hi-octane Perot nuttiness during their debate on NAFTA (an occasion where I was rooting for Gore to kick Perot's ass, and he did), and it just took a while to incubate. Come to think of it, Gore always did say "lockbox" in the same way that Perot talked about "that giant sucking sound."

The truly sad thing is that Gore has just moved himself one step closer to the 2008 nomination. He knows he needs a wing of the party he can capture and unlike last time the Clinton wing will not be available. With his endorsement of Dean, with his fiery speeches to Moo-On, he's nailing down the moonbat left.

I love how Gore seems to mshift into Southern Preacher/Foghorn Leghorn mode when he makes speeches like this. Makes him sound even daffier. I mean, "re-SAHN" for "resign," come on...

Always after me Lucky Chads!


Don't do that! There's coffee all over my monitor!

Paul made me choke on my black-bottom cupcake in the Starbucks. I'm going to sue.

I had no idea that the US had completely lost the Iraqi war until I heard Gore tell us last night on C-span. Also, it's good to know that Kerry doesn't need to have a plan to undo all this damage. His sparkling personality is all that is needed to bring order to Iraq and restore our reputation among the Europeans.

Can we all say "hogwash"?

my first laugh of the day.

and thanks, Paul, for my second.

still, it's creepy to think how close this dude was to being the POTUS.

What was particularly creepy was the part where Gore accused Bush of selling his soul to the devil and then went off on a rant about sexual deviance.

He IS the president. He won, remember?

Maybe he wants to be Kerry's running mate....


Have you considered Fotoshopping a toothbrush moustache. Somehow, it seems appropriate.

Seanm, I noticed that too. Although I though he sounded more like Clinton.

Now I have a project for tonight, that picture just screams, "Photoshopped Projectile Vomiting".

Today is a fun day reading all the threads making fun of the Gorebot.
The left is very funny. Unfortunately, since they're so close to power they're more OJ funny than Ray Jay funny.

This has been the most enjoyable thing that I have read in a LONG time. You guys are great. Thanks to the farker who subconsciously made me click on the picture off of fark.com. In a crazy world it is nice to see some wit and intelligence thrive.

Why'd you have to remind me of Kaboom!?

I heard that he invented crazy.

I just did something like this with that picture and put it on my blog. I'm quite pleased, it's the kind of thing REAL bloggers do, so everyone go look at it.


I'm teetering between horror at the Gourd's speech, and the jokes above about the cereals!

To David Ross: Hail to a fellow-Lovecraftian!

To Dan: This link is interesting

well, that's one down, one to go. if we can just push hillary far enough to make HER crack, then we've got most of the crazies wrapped up. (barbara boxer has endangered herself here in cali and may lose reelection, and nancy pelosi already looks crazy, so she's not a big problem. dean put his lunacy out on the table early, and daschle is a pretty cool cookie so i don't see him veering into extremist behavior any time soon.) if these people are weeded out the REAL democrats can take the floor. then they would really spark some true debate and offer up a candidate who has the country's interests at heart. i'm not holding my breath, but democratic spring cleaning would sure bring a breath of fresh air to a stale republican party! politics would get fun again! NO MORE SCARY DEMOCRATS, PLEASE!!

Look on the bright side folks! He's gotten over the problem of being stiff. He's gone over to stark raving mad instead!

What next? Putting algore on a milk carton instead of a cereal box?

mmmmmmmmmmmm..self-righteous breakfact cereal..aghaghaghaghagh

Cheers to that Stacey.