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poetry and patience

I made some partisan nursery rhymes for Jeff, including this one: Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep And can't tell where to find them. Try Democratic Underground, Bo. and then I wrote Murray a birthday poem. I'm trying to work, really, but I'm incredibly distracted today due to the fact that our on-again/off-again closing on the house is scheduled for later this afternoon. Please, keep your fingers crossed for me that all goes well this time.


Fingers crossed for ya michele. Hopefully you'll have keys in hand today.

Fingers and toes, Michele. Good luck!

I hope it goes off without a hitch.

Fingers are crossed here.

Hope all goes well and you're a homeowner by the end of the day.

fingers in Kansas are crossed.

I'll be praying for y'all (Not sure this works for atheists or agnostics though) ;)

I'll pray for you as well tho JFH makes a good point. But, like the sarge said - there's no such thing as an athiest in a foxhole...so depending on where this summer takes us, maybe you'll be changing your point of view (i.e. from "finger crossing" to "hand clasping / head bowing").

I just added "Al Queda goes marching one by one" to the partisan nursery rhymes - what fun!

Good luck, Michele!

(Huh-huh, hey Beavis, MikeR said "homeowner.") ;-)

"Kerry Kerry
Quite contrary
How'd your Rose Garden grow?
With Silver Stars, lieutenant's bars
Tossed in; but now for show."

    - from Terser Verse

I am listening to George Michael sing. Hell hath officially froze over. Wasn't your house to close when hell froze over?

(please excuse the lame attempt at humor. I am operating with a migraine again.)

I would extend good luck wishes on the house, but since there's already a post saying it's yours, I'd be hopelessly late to that party.

So, instead, I'll thank you for the link to the nursery rhymes. Partisan fun for the whole family! Woohoo!