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What was I saying in the post below? That we should trust our troops to take care of the terrorists gathering in Iraq. al-Sadr's cult of terror took a big blow today. Next. Update: More. bq. U.S. warplanes helped Afghan forces pound Taliban militants in the mountains of southern Afghanistan Tuesday, killing some 20 suspected insurgents at a recently discovered camp, a senior Afghan commander said.


Just hope they were'nt training in tuxes and wedding dresses to confuse the news agencies.

While the media diverts our attention, our goal to achieve victory is quietly moving forward.

Speaking of troops, Blackfive has a couple of posts today that will make you cry. Worth it, though.

Oh yes, our so-called "forgotten war"
The only assholes who have forgotten the war in Afghanistan are the press.
I have to say though, I am sure that our Military are much happier over there without the snivelling liberal "embeds" following them around.


Ding Ding Ding!

Right Answer!

BTW, Another Task Force headed to that war that the press forgot, their FRG has a site here.

There's a guest book at the bottom of the page, I'm sure they'd appreciate some good wishes right about now.