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the birthday party

Behind every great blog is a spouse/partner/friend who puts up with the obsession. Happy Birthday to the man behind ASV. Without his love, comfort, guidance, humor and strength (not to mention massages and kisses), I would not be sane enough to do this every day. I owe it all to the birthday guy. I would like to repeat what I said on this day last year (with a slight number change), because it still rings true. Happy Birthday to the perfect husband - the one who shares my obsessions with comic books and action figures and cheesy kung-fu movies and Faith No More, to the man who makes me feel like I'm 24. Yep, 24. I am one lucky gal, in so many ways. Tonight's radio station will be dedicated to my man. and man, am I getting mileage out of that one pic, I know, but he really likes this one


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I like the mileage you're getting out of that picture. That's showing 'em!! LOL

Justin, you make my woman happy. I approve of you, you may keep her.
That's your birthday present - keeping the one-and-only Michele by your side - and a damn fine one too, I have to say.

Happy birthday!

I think my favorite thing about your husband was how he had to keep you from blogging when you had mono, and how he had to post that no, actually, he had NOT moved the couch nearer to the computer . . . that was your doing.

Tell him Happy Birthday. And I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my print.

...and to think you were opposed to showing "them" off for the SoA drive. How many more TV stations we could have equipped? How many iraqi "insurgents" we could have subdued by using those tv stations to show that pic!!! ;)

Happy Birthday Husband of ASV. ;) You're a good man.

Happy birthday, Mr. Timberlake!

What? Not that Justin? Oh. Sorry.

Well, happy birthday anyway. Michele's no Janet Jackson, true. But if you sing "Rock Your Body" for her, you never know what might happen...

Justin has the same birthday as Poppy Z. Brite. Now isn't that interesting?

Happy birthday dude. All the best.

hat's off to Mr. Victory :)