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Blast you and your estrogenical tyranny!

And now, the entertainment portion of the blog. Read. Refresh. Enjoy.
Random Family Guy Quotes
[via Scott]


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Family guy rocks! I read recently that they have ordered a new season. (no linky though :-\ )W00T!

Yes, they're going to be back on the air starting in January 2005, along with Seth Macfarlane's new show American Dad.

Yeah, great. More mindless spewage from that moron. Just what we needed.

It disgusts me that these are the people who end up as "successful" i.e. getting their shows made and on the air.

We need to drop a few MOABs on Hollywood and start over. Maybe Michael Moore could make a documentary on the carnage and somehow twist it into being Rush Limbaugh's fault.


Sorry Scott, pushed back to summer.

Neo, the hostess of this site and other guests obviously enjoy the show, which can in no rational way be characterized as commie propaganda. There's absolutely no call for spewing your invective here.

Hmmm think Neo doesn't like the show? Or Hollywood? You scare me, guy.