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say hello, wave good-bye

Really, really tired. Quick posting of things I wanted to blog about but will not due to the fact that my pillow and blanket keep calling my name and which I may or may not expand on tomorrow. * Went back to Moveable Type. Hated Word Press. HATED it. * Shrek 2 was absolutely delightful. * The reason for the free-floating mouth was because I promised Nat I wouldn't put her face on the internet. * The Sopranos was really good last night and more than made up for the wretched dream episode the week before. * Several people have asked if I'm going to comment on the whole Washingtonienne thing. The only thing I would have to say is, a whore by any other name...(and anything else I said on the subject would, if previous situations are any indication, be taken as petty jealousy. Ass fucking for money is not really high on my to-do list, though) * Sgt. Hook is compiling the Blogosphere's 101 Great Books for Real Readers of All Ages and would like your help. * I loved Bush's speech, which I watched at Damon's Grill while everyone else around us (save for my sister) played the giant video trivia game or watched basketball. We turned it up real loud and applauded in all the right places. * For all of you who ordered prints of my husband's masterful art, we apologize for the delay in sending them out; we've been caught up in house stuff and got backtracked on his business; we finally got the prints, they look fantastic and they'll be going out Wednesday. * Lost in all the hustle and bustle and aggravation of closing on the house/not closing on the house/packing/unpacking/moving/not moving is the fact that tomorrow is my wonderful husband's birthday. Just in time for both LoTR and Bubba Ho-Tep on DVD. Ok, don't tell him. I got him this and this for the new office/studio. Feel free to wish him a happy birthday if you so desire. I'm going to follow the directions of the pillow and blanket and go to bed. [One question: This can't possibly be right, can it? NO network covered what was a pretty important speech for the people of this country to hear?]


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It's possible I missed it due to buffoonery, but I bounced around at 8pm EDT - ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox broadcast - nada.

Abc, Cbs and Nbc all went with regular programing in my neck of the woods. I had to watch the speech on cable news channels.

Whaaa? What was so bad about the dream sequence episode? I just thought it was one of the more funkier dreams Tony has had.

Oh, PBS neither - they were airing the 'regime change' with the hippies taking over on Colonial House.

Aw, I like WordPress. A lot! :p

It's just me, Scott. I hate change.

Wait for 1.2, it may be more to your liking.

Scott she likely tried 1.2. Michele, if not in public I sure would like to hear from you the details as to why you disliked it. I'll pass it along to the feedback peeps.

I like Wordpress too, which is why my blog is using it this year. I also like MT though (at least, the 2.666xxx version); they are just different programs, that do things in different ways. WP works for me now, but who knows what the future may bring.

Hm, maybe she did, I don't know. I didn't touch 1.2 as I'm not big on beta testing software and want the last stable release. Usually.

it was on the ABC and the NBC stations here. I felt he didn't say much we didn't knowe, but the country needed to hear it.

hbd, dude

All but Fox and CBS aired the speech in my area. But it started at 6 mountain, so besides the local news it didn't interfere with anything really important like 2003 editions of Fear Factor.

The biggest radio station in Milwaukee, WTMJ broadcasted the speech. Not all ignored it.

having used a david gray song title as the post title, i was surprised this wasn't about music.

as for MT, i'm not quite so sure why people are so anxious to move away from it. the license changed for version 3, people can continue to use 2.x under the license distributed with it. no rush to move on.

the mouth picture reminded me of those candy lips you used to be able to buy. must of been all that pink.

Hope you're planning to go into more detail on the Wordpress deal, considering you "HATED it". All caps begs for a longer explanation.

CST here, no network coverage, saw it on MSNBC. Apparently, the White House didn't formally request that the time be set aside (see any number of stories on the network coverage)... I'm not sure how that plays into things, but if Fox won't delay that excremental Swan show, the others will probably take their cue.

The White House did not request that the networks cover it. Doesn't mean they can't.

Though I think the time the networks turned the WH down when they asked showed the futlity of doing so.

At first I thought you were to Movable Type the way France, Germany and Russia were to Saddam.

Then I saw you write "It's just me, Scott. I hate change."

Yeah... I prefer paper money, too.

Whatever OF Jay says, do. You'll thank me.

LoTR and Bubba Ho-Tep - I'm getting those tomorrow morning as well...

Let the conspiracy theories begin!

OF Jay, thanks for the heads up that 1.2 was out, it's appreciated! I made the switch. The new admin layout is nice! Michele, switch back damnit! :p

Season 6 of Buffy is out this week too.

I think we O need to follow this intern sex story. Did you guys knoww that one of the guys she bedded is a Senator Lieberman staff member. I got names and pics of some of the guys on my blog. Thing is this Lieberman staffmember is the pointman for interns and Washingtonienne says that he has sex with interns often. This is unacceptable. We are the ones paying the salaries of these guys. It is our money. Our government. You know what, after writing this here, I'm going to write Lieberman. I'm going to ask him to fire this guy.