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bracefaceSo Nat got her braces today. And yes, they are pink. She thought the color would go nice with her predominantly black wardrobe. She's got a real 80's new wave thing going on. She just doesn't know it. We didn't have colors when I was young. Nope, just plain old metal. Hence the lovely moniker metal mouth. [Update: I've gone back to MT - more on that later] We're off to see Shrek 2.


That disembodied mouth is kinda freaky. You goin' for the "Rocky Horror" look?

Ah, how I miss the days of changing the color of my braces to match the season. Okay, not really. But it did make it more bearable.

Black/pink isn't the 80s, it's either the 40s-50s.

You should have seen my grandmother's bathroom. Black/white floor, pink/black tile in the tub.

Of course, 40s shoe styles are back.

I had braces twice. Remember to wear that retainer!


In your upcoming review of Shrek 2 (I'm making the obvious, though predictable, assumption that you WILL do a review of the movie), could you comment on the age limit of the movie? My wife says we can't take the 5 year-old 'cus it's PG; I say that the first movie was PG and the kids have seen it over 20 times. I hear there are more double entendres in this movie that wouldn't be appropriate for young children (which makes zero sense to me, because little kids wouldn't get any of these references). Help me!!

I took my almost six year old to see it yesterday and there was nothing inappropriate that I noticed. However, I was tempted to utter some R rated language over the four dollar cokes. I'm done with theaters...DVD for me from now on.

BTW, if you liked the first one, you'll like the second one. Same stuff, different title.

Kids these days have it easy. When I got my braces, they were bands that encircled the tooth. The orthodontist used this spring loaded device to drive them up on the teeth. It felt like he was smashing my teeth with a hammer. And I will second the point about the retainer--just as important as the braces.

I'll just second the 'disembodied mouth' thing as being freaky.

Well, ok. Color coordinated braces? YGTBSM.

Yakov Smirnoff got it.

My niece got the green ones. It matches her school uniform nicely, but looks odd the rest of the time.

I hope your mouth feels better soon, Nat.

Took my 5 yo daughter to Shrek 2 yesterday. Nothing there I didn't feel comfortable with her hearing. LOTS of kids in the theater. Including the noisy ones sitting in the aisle stairs next to me.

sci-ence fiction (ooo oo oooo) double feature

we'll put braces (ooo oo oooo) on the creature!

(and I don't mean to imply anything about your daughter, except in the generic sense that teenage daughters are a different species)

Um... okay. When I had braces, they didn't come in colors.

Yikes, if you need some help in Photoshop selection work flow, email me. Ok for quick an dirty tho.....

Three of my four daughters went through the braces thingy..and yes, color bands.

Alternating black/orange for Halloween, red/green for Christmas...

Much more fun than the tinsel teeth stuff of which my sister suffered through.

Actually those bottom teeth look very straight already. She shouldn't have too bad a time with them. And she can always get red, white and blue around election time.

I was going to say the same thing, Shelby - those bottom teeth look pretty damn good already!