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Culture Wars!

I apolize to the residents of Queens, NY for saying that their borough is home to the wimpy. Maybe I was confusing the entire borough with Shea Stadium. Anyhow, sorry about that. What about just Forest Hills people? Are they considered wimpy?


I wouldnt say so much Forest Hills as I would say the people who reside in the Levittown area. I mean taking a ride down Hemp Tpke in the East Meadow/Levittown area raises up images of one big old strip mall.

Drew, you do realize that I live in East Meadow, right?

Yep. I spend alot of time in Forest Hills so felt the need to rise to defend its honor. Feel free to target Lynbrook/Valley Stream area though.

Way too easy, Drew.

Born and bred in Corona (home of Shea Stadium, definitely not in Flushing), later moving to Fresh Meadows and then College Point (what can I say? The rents were affordable) I can attest to the joys and sorrows of Queens.

And while your point about Queens being the home of the wimpy from time to time is correct (more so than not, I am afraid), the residents are anything but wimpy.

Unlike the residents in the NY, Kings and Bronx counties, nearly all Queens residents live in a two-fare zone as the boro is still sorely under-represented by subways (arguably a moot point in the age of metro cards). This is both a blessing and a curse: Queens hosts the most single-family homes in all of the boroughs, but for the majority of those residents getting to Manhattan involves a bus and train.

The only NYC residents who can appreciate such commuting strugggle are those in Richmond County, but then they get the Statan Isle Ferry...

I will concede Shea Stadium. That's okeydokey by me. Just don't extend it too far beyond that, as I'm just a couple miles away in Kew Garden Hills....

How can you call a borough that has two major and very busy airports and sufficient runway space for about four airplanes wimpy?

how come no one's talking baseball, as in when was the last time the Rangers took a series from the Yankees?

I'm just askin..