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So did anyone else just watch the Simpsons and think blogging?


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Yes, especially the part about "worthless opinions."

Wait... The Simpsons is still on the air?

Since when?

yeah. and milhouse sealed the thought...

"i wasn't really in Baghdad, i was in Basra!"

Yep. I also thought "Gee, The Simpsons is getting partisan lately," after the "Vote Republican" remark. Ordinarily something like that wouldn't have pushed any buttons, but after last week...

excuse me while I put my fingers in my eye and sing la-la-la-la (being West Coast, it hasn't aired here yet....) I'll be back on this thread AFTER I see it!


oh...geez.... fingers in my EAR. (though the in the eye thing I've done before...)


Sure did.

Are You A Racist?

67% of those polled say yes.

And that has exactly what to do with The Simpsons, Britton?

Is Briton an idiot? 100% of those polled said yes.

Now, about the Simpsons, I thought it was a fun episode, and it made up for last week. And, well, I thought, blogging.

Lay off Britton. He posted the link on the wrong thread. It was very relevant on the thread it was mean to be posted at.

I said that to my brother - he just doesn't get it...

Yep. But I am for sale, baby, I am for sale!

Last week's episode was just odd. I still thought it was funny, though. And it fell in line with the rest of the Simpsons - effectively non-partisan by taking shots at all sides.

As for this week, there were a lot of quotable lines in that last scene.

Barney: "...I printed my own paper. Although it's mostly culled from wire services."

Ok...it just finished here.. and yep, blogging. Though I have to admit it was sly to have everyone running around tossing their own papers.

Oops. Sorry about that.

No blood no foul, Otto :)

Yeah, my first thought at the end there was blogging.

Yeah, Definitely. Blogging.

Once they made fun of "cartoons" being made in Korea, you know like say, oh The Simpson's for lack of a better example, I tuned out.

Was it self criticism? Or was it some kind of Liberal-induced blindness to their own identical situation while lambasting other animated series that may be outsourced because snobby college kids think they need to get $40-50k/year plus full benefits in an entry-level camera operator or inker position?

It wasn't very subtle at least to bloggers or those who read them.

Barney's comment in terms the majority of his paper are things from the wire services was pretty funny. True too, considering how much actual newspapers rely on them, not just bloggers.